Cameroon: 100,000 pigs could be lost by swine plague

According to the coordinator of the Programme for the Development of the Swine Sector in Cameroon, Dr Casimir Marcel Ndongo, Northern Cameroon could see the loss of 100,000 pigs to swine plague.

The plague has already killed 3,000 pigs over just a few days, said Dr. Ndongo.
There are concerns over food security in Cameroon, because of the situation. African swine plague is a contagious and a deadly disease, if control is not brought about to the situation – a 100,000 pigs will likely perish.
Due to no vaccine being available for this disease, the slaughter of infected pigs will be the only solution to stop it from spreading.
Northern Cameroon is the main pork provider in the country.
Source: afriquejet.com


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