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WUR: new boar taint components discovered

It is highly probable that apart from skatole, indole and androsthenone, there are other components for boar taint, Dutch agricultural newspaper Agrarisch Dagblad reports.

Researcher Coen van Wagenberg, Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR), reported this. He is responsible for a research project related to the ceasing of castration.

He heated boar taint infected meat, caught its gases and separated them. A panel then sniffed the various components and this way it became possible to point out new components that also contribute to boar taint in pork.

Boar taint
Van Wagenberg also researched the system in which people actually determine boar taint at the slaughter line. This is a possibility in practice, Van Wagenberg said. He added that it is possible to schedule breaks as alertness may dwindle after a while. In addition, it may be possible that different people may judge differently.

The researchers also wish to investigate electronic boar taint detection and literature studies have been made. Van Wagenberg commented that a smell detector could be implemented, similar to those on airports for drugs detection.

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    Larry Whetstone

    The Doctor should investigate the reports of adding Jerusalem artichoke to feeds 10 days prior to slaughter , instead of using chemicals to reduce BT. See T.Farnworth ,Ag Canada , 1985

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