News last update:Dec 15, 2010

Innovative Big Dutchman ventilation concept SmartAir reduces exhaust air treatment costs in pig houses

At this year's EuroTier, Big Dutchman will present a new ventilation concept which can reduce exhaust air treatment costs in pig houses by up to 50%. “With our SmartAir concept we can create two separate air flows inside the house“ explains Big Dutchman product manager Andreas Kerßens the patent pending basic idea. “This way significantly less harmful gases are released in the animal area. Only a small share of house air beneath the slatted flooring still has to be sucked off and filtered.” In consequence, this means the exhaust air filter can be designed much smaller than before. It still achieves an impressive degree of efficiency of up to 70 % of ammonia precipitation.

“This is also due to the intelligent air guidance above the slatted floor which changes the air flow in the building in such a way that the air carries less ammonia from the manure section“, explains Kerssens. The new ventilation concept is an interesting alternative especially for new buildings and refurbished buildings.
The world’s first livestock facility with the SmartAir concept has been successfully in use in Thuringia, Germany. Longterm measurements of the concept in practical use support the significantly improved economic efficiency in regard to exhaust air cleaning, the improved house climate and the efficient reduction of emissions.

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