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H1N1 confirmed in Irish pig herd

The Republic of Ireland has reported an occurrence of the novel influenza A virus (H1N1) in a pig herd, the International Organization for Animal Health (OIE) reported yesterday.

The information was received from Patrick J. Rogan, chief veterinary officer at the Agriculture House, Department of Agriculture and Food in the Irish capital of Dublin.

The virus was discovered in Kilworth, county Cork. About 40 animals in a herd of 3,050 swine herd (approximately 1.3%) contracted the virus. The virus was discovered earlier this month and confirmed yesterday at the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory, Backweston, in county Kildare.

An infected farm worker is thought to be the source of infection, the report said.

The report also mentioned: "The pigs were being monitored as high-risk following confirmation of the virus in a worker on 22 September. The worker tended the pigs from 15-18 September whilst sick. Clinical signs commenced in the pigs on 25 September with sows off feed and laboured breathing. Movements of pigs off farm have been stopped voluntarily since 18 September in accordance with a Code of Practice previously agreed between Department of Agriculture and stakeholders."

Earlier cases of novel H1N1 in pigs have been confirmed in Northern Ireland (about ten days ago), Argentina, Canada and Australia.

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