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Provimi: Reprofish piglet fishmeal research

To ensure economical production of pigs and poultry, and the current rise in fishmeal prices Provimi is emphasizing its new piglet research on fishmeal replacer: Reprofish.

Recent results indicate a significant improvement on average daily gain in a large scale piglet trial (see Table 1). This is in line with previous work done at the Provimi research farms worldwide.

Reprofish is based on Provisoy, the thermo-mechanical treated soybean meal that acts as an alternative protein source. Furthermore Reprofish is balanced on amino acids, carnitine and omega-3 to ensure the benefits as noticed from the inclusion of fishmeal.

Table 1: Provimi piglet research on replacement of fishmeal
  Fishmeal Reprofish
No. of piglets  210 209
Weight at start (kg) 5.0 5.0
Final weight (kg)  12.5 13.0
Daily gain (g) 268a 287b
Daily feed intake (g) 328 333
Feed conversion ratio 1.23 1.17

 a,b Means within a row with different superscripts differ significantly (p<0.05)

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