More H1N1 reported in swine in Russia

The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) has received information about a pandemic influenza A (H1N1) outbreak in Russia.

The outbreak, which was confirmed early December, was submitted to the OIE on December 23rd by the veterinary services, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Moscow, Russia.

The outbreak was confirmed in a pig herd in the republic of Chuvashia. In the herd of just over 10,000 animals, 45 pigs were fond infected – which equals to a morbidity rate of 0.42%. No pigs died or had to be culled.

Ongoing monitoring
The OIE writes: "As a result of ongoing monitoring activity, it was found that 45 pigs from the fattening group 135-155 days old were sick. The building contained 1,800 heads. The possible source of infection is not determined, but there is assumption that the swine infection took place because the personnel had been down with signs of acute respiratory disease."

"A ban on trade of live pigs and swine products from the establishment without thermal treatment is applied. Regular aerosol disinfection, including in the presence of animals, is being implemented. Vaccination is not carried out."

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