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Agromek showing pig housing innovations

The Danish agricultural show Agromek-livestock will be held next week in Herning, Denmark, 24-28 November. About 360 out of the 460 exhibitors at Agromek-livestock will be directed at pig producers. Plenty of new housing innovations can be found in the booths.

In total, 14 three-star, 7 two-star and 32 one-star new product exhibits at the show are entirely or partially directed for application in pig production. Some examples:

Automatic feeding control
German housing manufacturer Big Dutchman will introduce an innovation related to automatic feeding control.

This innovation, the BDS Intelligent valve system, eating time control, type P700 process programme registers, via a sensor at each feed valve, the time required from feeding initiation until the trough is empty or until the feed is below a specified level.

The process programme will then apply the eating time factor to increase/decrease the ensuing feed amount supplied to the particular valve. This regulation is based on a reference time so that feed amounts are supplied according to the time required by the pigs to empty the trough.

Formerly, this function required an extra valve card plus cable systems.

Electronic sow card
Monitoring for large sow herds can be enhanced with the new LIfeSAver (LISA) electronic tool, presented by Danish Farm Design, so that each farrowing sow is regularly inspected and can receive help whenever necessary.

LISA is also applied as an electronic sow card to ensure that the farrowing data is registered correctly so that it can be transferred to production management systems on a computer.

It will therefore be easy to compare and select sows in accordance with their farrowing results in addition to being able to optimise the monitoring of future farrowing.

Central control
MT Hojgaard will introduce a central control system for pig production units, called SmartFarm. The product is based on that there is just one central control of all process equipment of various brands in the production unit, i.e., feed production and feeding, ventilation and climate control, dung clearance and manure handling, etc.

This saves the installation of a large number of decentral controls. This system complies with international standards so that it can easily be linked to external systems regardless of platform. The central control can be operated via a main terminal or with the aid of PDAs.

Heating lamp data software
The collection of data for the control of heating lamps in farrowing pens can contribute to improving productivity in both farrowing pens and piglet pens and, simultaneously, to a reduction in power requirements for heating.

This is the purpose of VengSystem PC Sow – the newly developed software for the control and registration of data from the intelligent heating lamp.

The programme enables the monitoring of the heating lamp power consumption and collates the resulting data. The software can handle up to 1,000 farrowing pens and according to the company it is feasible to reduce the power requirements for heating lamps by up to 20% with this new system.

Approximately 170 exhibitors will present technology and production aids for pig production. These include, for example, feeding systems, ventilation and climate systems, dung clearance systems, installations, fittings and feed products plus innovations for management and systems and technology for handling grain.

There will also be approximately 190 exhibitors with a wide range of EDP, furnace systems, high-pressure cleaners, water purification systems, buildings and building components, advisory services, educational services, trade magazines, insurance/assurance, financing and many other products and services for all types of farms.

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