H1N1 also notified in Japanese swine herd

The Japanese National Institue of Animal Health (NIAH) has confirmed a first case of pandemic influenza A (H1N1) in a swine herd on this island, the OIE reports.

The infection was confirmed on October 20 and 21, in a 1,000 pig herd in the Osaka area. Ten animals (1%) were found to be infected; none of them had died or were slaughtered.

The infection was detected through surveillance conducted by prefectural veterinary authority. The virus was isolated from a pool of 10 nasal swabs directly collected randomly from pigs without clinical signs on 2 October 2009.

The affected farm is being under voluntary movement restraint.

No abnormalities are observed in pigs within a 10 km radius around the affected farm. Epidemiological investigations are continuing.

Earlier cases of H1N1 in pigs were found over the last couple of months in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Northern Ireland, Norway, the Republic of Ireland, Singapore and earlier this week at the Minnesota State Fair in the USA.

Pigs can carry the virus, transmit it as well, but first tests suggest that pigs may only develop disease of 'mild severity'.

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