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Australian research to target Glässer's disease

Trials to combat outbreaks of the devastating Glässer's disease in pigs are being conducted as part of a three-year project being conducted by the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries in Australia.

Glässer's disease is a major threat to Australia's multi-million dollar pork industry. The new research will focus on the so-called 'controlled exposure concept'. This means that one particular virus strain (causing the Glässer disease) is isolated per farm to form the basis of a farm specific live vaccine. After that, the live vaccine is being trialled on two major piggeries and will be available to the pig industry following testing.

Together with this controlled exposure method a protocol has been developed that enables to easily assess and identify the strains present on the farm. This service is currently offered to Australian the pig industry.

Second vaccine approach

A second alternative vaccine approach - based on a modified strain that can no longer cause disease - is also being pursued. Trials to evaluate this novel vaccine are currently being planned and will be undertaken at the Animal Research Institute in the near future.

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