Background last update:Aug 31, 2006

Clostridial infection in pigs (Special 2005)

The most important member of the clostridial genus causing signs in pigs is Clostridium perfringens. Besides necrotising enteritis in piglets and mild to moderate diarrhoea in post-weanning pigs, enterohemorrhagic syndrome (EHS) has been associated with clostridial infection. In about half of all EHS cases, C. perfringens can be isolated.


This article can also be found in Pig Progress Enteric Diseases Special III (2005). To view the article online simply click on the link below.


Keywords: enteric diseases, clostridial genus, Clostridium perfringers, piglet, post-weaning diarrhoea, enterohemorrhagic syndrom, EHS



Pig Progress, volume 23, no.6 2007

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