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New pig farm to be constructed in Moscow Oblast

At the beginning of 2015 in the Kashirsky District of Moscow Oblast, the construction of a new pig farm for 292 thousand pigs a year will be launched, reported the municipal administration.

The total investment amount of the project could reach RUB 2 billion (US$ 47 million). It is expected that the project will enjoy the state support, at least in the form of soft loans.

A relevant agreement between the district administration and two local companies that will implement the project - LLC Kashirsky pig farm and LLC Adria - was signed at the beginning of October, stated the report.

"The pig farm will combine the use of the most modern technologies of reproduction and feeding pigs in order to produce high quality pork," the report added.

According to a director of the LLC Kashirsky pig farm, Alexander Shinova, it is expected that the first pigs that will appear at the production places of the new pig farm in December 2015.

The new farm will send all pork production to the Moscow market, which in recent years have continued to show demand growth and high prices.

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