News last update:Feb 25, 2016

New European registrations for pig products

With the launch of the European registrations Melovem 20 mg/ml and Melovem 30 mg/ml Dopharma now offers a range of Melovem products. For pigs Melovem 30 mg/ml can be used for non-infectious locomotor disorders and as adjunctive therapy.

Combined with Melovem 5 mg/ml, a tailor-made treatment is now available for every target species.

The active ingredient of Melovem is meloxicam, which belongs to the group of NSAID’s. Meloxicam has an analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect. Compared to other NSAIDs, meloxicam has the advantage of a long duration of action. Therefore, a single administration is usually sufficient.

Melovem 30 mg/ml injection is a highly concentrated meloxicam for cattle as well as pigs. For the target species cattle Melovem 30 mg/ml can be used as an additional treatment of respiratory infections, diarrhoea and mastitis. For pigs Melovem  30 mg/ml can be used for non-infectious locomotor disorders and as adjunctive therapy of puerperal septicaemia and toxaemia (MMA-syndrome).

Melovem20 mg/ml injection is registered for the target species cattle, pigs and horses. The indications for cattle and pigs are identical to those of Melovem 30 mg/ml mentioned above.

Melovem 5 mg/ml injection is registered for cattle (calves and young cattle) and pigs and is a low-concentrated meloxicam. This way, also animals with a low bodyweight can be treated accurately. The indications for cattle are additional treatment of respiratory infections and diarrhoea. In pigs, besides the treatment of non-infectious disorders of the locomotor system, Melovem5 mg/ml can also be used to reduce post-operative pain e.g. after castration.

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