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Irish pig levy will secure top class service

Teagasc has staunchly defended its proposed pig levy, saying it will ensure the continuation of a world-class technical support service for the Irish pig industry, writes Caitriona Murphy in the Irish Independent.

The IFA pig committee is due to meet to discuss the issue, but producers have already rejected outright the introduction of the 25c/pig slaughter levy. IFA pig chairman Tim Cullinan said producers were currently paying statutory levies of more than €1.50/pig.

However, Brendan Lynch, head of the pig production development unit at Teagasc Moorepark, insisted the levy would not be an additional cost for producers while delivering nothing in return.

Lynch said the current pig research levy of 7.6c/pig would cease and participating producers would no longer pay the annual advisory contract fee for on-farm support. The money would be used to establish a training, research and development fund to support the Teagasc pig production programme, added lynch.

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