Wrapping up May: What’s new in the world of pigs?

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Wrapping up May: What s new in the world of pigs?
Wrapping up May: What s new in the world of pigs?

Covid-19 plays a big role in this month’s business update. Obviously, several events cannot be held. Several companies, however, like to focus on what is possible instead. In May various pig innovations were introduced as well.

Ildex Vietnam postponed to December

The management team of Ildex have decided to postpone trade show Ildex Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh City to 9-11 December 2020 in light of the global Covid-19 pandemic. “By postponing the event to December, we anticipate that the Vietnamese market will be fully recovered, and the event is set at an ideal time to meet the market demand of months of downturn,” said a statement.

Cancelled SPACE maintains awards event

Even though the livestock show SPACE cannot be held in September this year, the Innov’Space awards will be handed out as usual. Winners shall be revealed on 15 September – the day the show would have otherwise been opened. Submission for the awards is possible until July 17th.

Roxell: new website and new partnerships

Although Roxell has decided not to participate at trade shows in 2020 due to Covid-19, the company is focusing on the launch of its new website, and the development of new relationships worldwide. Roxell announced new distributors, namely Climatec Equipment Services in southwestern UK (pictured), Kanagri Oy in Finland, and Agromove in Peru.

Hamlet Protein hosting webinars

In times of Covid-19, Hamlet Protein hosted a series of online events. In China, technical director Dr Eugene Li spoke about piglet feed formulation and novel ways to address the ban of AGPs. Behavioural scientist Dr Ben Tiggelaar highlighted that changing behaviour is key to successfully changing an organisation. In the US, a webinar addressed the current market situation and outlook, and Dr Tim Fakler provided insights on feed ingredient availability. The company also renewed its partnership with Jebsen & Jessen in Asia. The agreement covers Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Merck Animal Health introduces Armatrex

Merck/MSD Animal Health has launched Armatrex, a bacteriostatic spray-on antimicrobial solution. This silane quaternary ammonium salt aims to protect against the growth of bacteria, fungi, mould and algae. The product provides up to 90 days of antimicrobial protection and can be used in animal settings and on a variety of surfaces.

The Canarm boot wash improves farm bio-security

Canarm AgSystems has launched a new boot wash system. The product, designed for cleaning boots outside pig houses, is made from durable stainless steel with 4 high-pressure nozzles for fast and effective cleaning. The product fits all boot sizes and is self-cleaning.

Photo: Canarm

Photo: Canarm

New feed flow control for Big Wheel Feeders

Osborne Industries releases a new feed flow adjustment system for the company’s line of Big Wheel Feeders (pictured, left). All standard dry and wet/dry nursery, wean-to-finish, and 60-head finishing feeders feature in the new Feed Flow Control. In addition, an added spring (pictured, right) enables the Big Wheel Feeder users to easily make micro-adjustments to the cone height inside the feed hopper at any time, even if the hopper is full of feed.

Photo: Osborne

Photo: Osborne

Inno+ develops air scrubber for composting

Air scrubber specialist Inno+ introduced the CompoLiner module, developed for the Big Dutchman CompoLiner composting concept. These modules are completely prefabricated air scrubbers in a plastic housing, dimensioned such that one module can clean the exhaust air from one CompoLiner system. With the new air scrubbers, up to 90 to 95% ammonia reduction and 70% dust reduction can be achieved.

Magapor launches a new app

Artificial insemination company Magapor has released an app, available in 18 languages, which will serve as a library of knowledge updated in real time. Services include a comparison of farm parameters with those of more than 9,000 boars, a view of reproductive trends and working methods worldwide, and a library of technical publications related to swine reproduction.

MS KiemKill proven efficient against ASF

An OIE reference laboratory tested MS Schippers’ MS KiemKill – a powdered, oxidative, fast-working disinfectant to fight many bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses – against African Swine Fever virus, strain Ba71v. The disinfectant inactivated ASFv over 4.5 log10. The product’s efficacy was proven at a dilution of 1:799 at 4°C within a contact time of 30 minutes. The laboratory observed no cytotoxicity at this concentration.

Photo: MS Schippers

Photo: MS Schippers

Fancom to utilise augmented reality

Livestock equipment manufacturer Fancom is conducting research in collaboration with TNO Leiden and Metaalunie on the potential application of augmented reality in its assembly department. “Harnessing the potential of AR should lead to simplification of the work and higher continuity, quality and effectiveness,” said assembly manager Wim Berden.

Weltec Biopower builds biogas plant

German plant manufacturer Weltec Biopower will build a biogas plant in Veria, northern Greece. The main investor and operator of the project is one of the largest abattoirs for pigs and cattle in the country. The 500-kW plant is set to go live in November 2020. According to the Greek research institute CRES, the waste from animal husbandry and slaughtering throughout Greece amounts to 17.5 million tonnes/year: a potential biogas capacity of about 370 MW.

Photo: Weltec

Photo: Weltec

Delacon publishes new dossier on gut health

Delacon has published a new scientific publication, ‘What About Gut’, written for experts in animal nutrition and veterinarians, and addresses intestinal health in monogastric animals. ‘What About Gut’ (2020) is now available for free on the Delacon website.

Vietnam genetic upgrade for enhanced pork productions

Integrator Japfa Comfeed Vietnam has requested Hypor to update all of their Great Grandparent (GGP) and Grandparent (GP) farm populations. To do so, several 1,000s of high-quality pure line breeders are being imported from Hypor’s facilities in North America to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Photo: Hypor

Photo: Hypor

DanBred’s biggest order for Danish breeding pigs

In line with earlier reporting by Pig Progress, DanBred has achieved the largest ever order on Danish breeding pigs. Guilin Liyuan Cereal And Oil Feed chartered several flights transporting Danish breeding pigs to China. It is estimated that due to the quality and escalated Sino-US trade wars, Danish breeding pigs are becoming more welcome in the Chinese market.

Evonik: distributor of ProPhorce SR 130 in Southern Africa

Feed additives manufacturer Evonik has agreed with Swedish manufacturer, Perstorp, that it will be the exclusive distributor of ProPhorce SR 130 in Southern Africa. The product is a butyric acid for in-feed application in livestock management. The product complements the mode of action of Evonik’s probiotics and shows beneficial effects that can bring added value to customers when the products are used together.

HyLife purchases US processing plant Prime Pork

Canadian meatpacker HyLife, owned by Charoen Pokphand Foods, partners with Glen Taylor, purchasing 75% equity interest of Prime Pork from Taylor Corporation. Prime Pork is a recently renovated processing facility that produces, processes, and sells pork products out of Minnesota, USA. The plant currently processes approximately 1.2 million hogs annually. This will increase HyLife’s processing capacity to 3.2 million hogs annually.

NextProtein raises € 10.2 million

French start-up NextProtein, which uses EU-approved organic waste to raise black soldier fly larvae for animal feedstocks, has raised € 10.2 million to scale-up its production to 100,000 tonnes per year by 2025, or an estimated 10% of the total insect protein market globally. The latest investment will make a second facility possible and accelerate its R&D programme.

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