Wrapping up March: What’s new in the world of pigs?

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Wrapping up March: What s new in the world of pigs?
Wrapping up March: What s new in the world of pigs?

Animal nutrition companies delivered most headlines in March 2021, with the introduction of an enzyme to degrade zearalenone, a 50-year jubilee (congratulations). And there was a large shipment of breeding pigs to China from Chicago, USA.

Biomin launches Mycofix Plus 5.Z with Zenzyme

Animal nutrition and feed additive company Biomin has launched its newest mycotoxin risk management solution, Mycofix Plus 5.Z with Zenzyme, in select markets across the Asia Pacific region. This all-in-one feed additive is a purified enzyme that degrades zearalenone into non-toxic and non-estrogenic metabolites. It follows the launch of the product Fumzyme a few years ago. That is an enzyme degrading fumonisins.

Royal De Heus completes Golpasz acquisition in Poland

Animal nutrition company Royal De Heus has completed the acquisition of the Polish compound feed company, Golpasz. With annual sales of almost 500,000 tonnes of compound feed, Golpasz offers a complete range of compound feeds for multiple animal categories. The company has 4 modern production sites and 12 plants.

Barentz acquires the Noack Group

Barentz International has expanded its activities in the Central East European region with the acquisition of a majority stake in the Noack Group. Headquartered in Vienna, Noack is a specialised distributor of ingredients for the animal nutrition and feed industries and also serves the food and veterinary industry with a wide range of agrofood and veterinary diagnostic test systems and instruments.

A recent acquisition of Barentz, the Maroon Group, in turn acquired the raw materials and specialty chemicals distribution business of The Cary Company.

Adiveter’s Salmocid-F extended in Asia

Spanish feed additives company Adiveter, has extended the availability of Salmocid-F to the South East Asian market. The product, which is a blend of formaldehyde and organic acids for the control of the pathogens in feed, is available in liquid and powder form.

Zinpro celebrates 50 years in business

Celebrating the 50th year in business, trace mineral company Zinpro decided it was time for a completely new look and feel. In a press release the company speaks of a “bolder, performance-driven focus for the future.” The company, headquartered in Eden Prairie, MN, United States, was founded in 1971.

Nutrition Technologies opens factory in Malaysia

Nutrition Technologies has opened its first industrial-scale insect protein factory in Johor, Malaysia. Commissioned in December 2020, the factory is scaling-up production and when fully operational, the new plant will produce 16,000 tonnes of insect products per year, diverting 80,000 tonnes of waste per year from landfills by providing a substitute for fishmeal.

Photo: Nutrition Technologies

Photo: Nutrition Technologies

Nutreco: Cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

Nutreco has announced the rollout of its 5-year sustainability strategy, RoadMap 2025, which includes efforts to reduce antimicrobial resistance and an overall reduction of the company’s carbon footprint. In addition, it also includes broader corporate citizenship goals, including moving the dial on diversity by ensuring a quarter of its leadership positions are held by women.

ABN plans new UK ‘super mill’

ABN, part of AB Agri, a British manufacturer of pig and poultry compound animal feed, intends to build an animal feed mill in Eastern England as part of an on-going investment programme. The company currently operates 11 mills. The new mill will have the capacity to produce 1 million tonnes of pig and poultry feed per year.

Feed ingredient reduces mortality and disease in pigs

US animal feed technology company Menon shared results from a feeder pig trial conducted by a US swine contract research organisation. Its functional feed ingredient MrFeed was found to lead to lower death rates, a more rapid return to a “healthy” classification in case they became ill, and the animals demonstrated higher white and red blood cell counts, pointing to an increased immune function, according to the company.

Insect feeding with Weda technology

German pig feeding specialist Weda is also using its knowledge and expertise to set up production plants for insect larvae in Germany and abroad. Predominantly expertise related to automated liquid feeding systems for pig production is applied. The black soldier fly is one insect species that is already successfully fed in Weda systems.

Photo: Weda | Stock Adobe

Photo: Weda | Stock Adobe

Zoetis joins Sustainability Consortium

Animal health company Zoetis has joined The Sustainability Consortium to focus on increasing supply chain transparency and sustainability with US pork producers. The company will be a voice in the development of protein-related key performance indicators for TSC’s Thesis Index. The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) is a global non-profit organisation transforming the consumer goods industry to deliver more sustainable consumer products.

Elanco launches solution to combat SRD

Increxxa is the newest addition to Elanco’s swine respiratory disease portfolio and has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US for swine producers and veterinarians. The tulathromycin injection is available in 100ml, 250ml and 500ml.

Genesus ships breeding pigs from US to China

On March 20th, Canadian swine breeder Genesus delivered a shipment of purebred registered Yorkshire, Landrace and Duroc Breeding pigs from the USA to China. The delivery was from Chicago O‘Hare International Airport to Chengdu, Sichuan province for the Zhengbang Group. The breeder has nucleus herds in Canada, United Kingdom and USA, registered to supply breeding herds in China.

Photo: Genesus

Photo: Genesus

Topigs Norsvin adds selection for primal yields

Breeding company Topigs Norsvin has added selection for primal yields to its breeding programme for all major sow and terminal sire lines, which makes it possible to increase carcass value by selecting for higher yields of the most valuable primals. Young breeding boars are CT scanned. These images construct a representation of the primal composition of live breeding boar.

Danish Genetics: New genetics evaluation system

Danish Genetics is developing a genomic evaluation platform for routine breeding index calculation across breeding programmes, the Danish Genetics Evaluation System (DGENES). The company is doing so in collaboration with AbacusBio and Center for Quantitative Genetics and Genomics of Aarhus University. The system will combine millions of datapoints from farm recording with genomic data in a genomic BLUP, to produce the breeding index.

Photo: Danish Pig Genetics

Photo: Danish Pig Genetics

Danish PIC lines available from Russia

Russian customers can now obtain high index PIC Danish Lines animals straight from Russia and have no longer to wait for imports from Denmark. The animals are available from the Russian Lipetsk region, where there has been a rapid improvement of a breeding programme. That was the result of a strategic partnership closed by Otrada and PIC in 2020.

Inno+ brings air scrubber to Japan

Inno+, a subsidiary of Big Dutchman, recently installed air scrubbers on a farm of its 1st customer in Japan, in Gunma prefecture, a site home to sows, piglets and finisher pigs with a manure treatment facility centre. The farm ordered 11 Porcus biological air scrubbers and also one CompoTower airscubber ‘designed’ for the Big Dutchman CompoTower, but in this case connected to a Chubu Ecotech. All equipment was installed by Fuji-kasei.

Photo: Inno+

Photo: Inno+

Roxell introduces gas, water and oil heaters

Belgium-based livestock equipment company Roxell acquired Holland Heater, a designer and manufacturer of hot-air heaters and fans for heating and ventilating livestock farms and greenhouses. Holland Heater’s core products include both open or closed combustion heaters, gas or oil fired, and circulation fans for livestock farms and greenhouses, as well as warm water heaters for livestock farms.

Roxell also expanded its range of convection heaters for poultry and pigs with the introduction of the Siroc Pure space heater with closed combustion, the Siroc Hydro hot water heater, and the Siroc Turbo cannon heater with open combustion.

Thirdly, Roxell also expanded its Fidos range for electronic sow feeding with Fidos farrowing and is adding a smart dispenser to this feeding segment.

Weltec builds biogas plant for Finnish pig farmers

Weltec Biopower has commissioned a biogas plant near Turku in southwestern Finland. This region is characterised by livestock farms and so the 250kW plant runs entirely on liquid manure. The energy plant belongs to a group of 3 pig farmers. In this project, the German plant builder cooperates with its long-standing Finnish partner, Doranova.

Photo: Weltec

Photo: Weltec

Online show transforms into Asia Livestock Hub

The Vietnamese online exhibition concept Vietstock E-Market Place will soon be transformed into a wider, more international concept. Relaunched as Asia Livestock Hub, the online platform will be hosted by Livestock Malaysia 2021, VietStock 2021 and Livestock Philippines, aiming to reach a bigger market and a wider audience. The original Vietstock exhibition is planned to go ahead at 13-15 October 2021 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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