Wrapping up August: What’s new in the world of pigs?

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Wrapping up August: What s new in the world of pigs?
Wrapping up August: What s new in the world of pigs?

As the 2nd half of 2021 is in full swing, the international swine industry is looking forward to attending international trade shows again. For instance, plans for EuroTier 2022 have been revealed. Also in this business update: several partnerships between animal nutrition companies and universities.

EuroTier 2022: “Transforming Animal Farming”

The theme of the 2022 edition of EuroTier will “Transforming Animal Farming.” The event, which could not be held physically in 2020 for reasons of Covid-19, is scheduled from 15-18 November 2022 in Hanover, Germany. Organisers the German Agricultural Society (DLG) explained that at the 2022 edition there will be an area for newly-founded innovative companies, and the launch of a new award category ‘Agrifuture Concept Winner’.

Agrisys wins award for AutoPig at Figan show

More trade show news, as the Spanish trade show Figan provides a reason for happiness at the headquarters of Danish automation company, Agrisys. Its product, Autopig, a comprehensive pig pen monitoring system, will be awarded the Technological Improvement Award at the show, which will be held 21-24 September in Zaragoza. The system provides almost every conceivable data point about each pig in real-time and information is made available via an online dashboard.

Biomin publishes research book on zearalenone

Biomin has published a book, The Zearalenone Compendium, which details the latest scientific knowledge about zearalenone, a mycotoxin that is commonly found in feed materials and associated with reproductive challenges in pigs and other livestock. The research also offers strategies available to overcome these challenges.

Photo: Biomin/5M

Photo: Biomin/5M

Agrimprove: Benefits shown of MCFA product

The feed additive Aromabiotic by Agrimprove has been shown to increase the livability of white blood cells as well as improve pig performance. Those were the outcomes of a study on the immune stimulation of newly weaned pigs. Aromabiotic is a broad-spectrum blend of medium chain fatty acids. Agrimprove is the functional feed ingredients brand of the Royal Agrifirm Group.

Trouw Nutrition and WUR strengthen collaboration

Trouw Nutrition, Nutreco’s animal nutrition division, and Wageningen University & Research (WUR) will strengthen collaboration to accelerate scientific progress in the domain of animal and food sciences. The cooperation aims to enhance sustainability of livestock production by developing knowledge and accelerating innovations in animal nutrition to improve animal health and welfare.

Photo: Trouw Nutrition/WUR

Photo: Trouw Nutrition/WUR

Uniprotein tested at Aarhus University

The environmentally friendly protein source Uniprotein, by Danish company UniBio, will put to the test in a pig feeding experiment by researchers at Aarhus University. The protein source is made of bacteria able to grow on methane as substrate. A future use of this type of protein will be able to reduce the carbon footprint of feedstuff to farmed animals and minimise the use of animal sources of protein.

Ro-Main: Deal with Ag Plus Farm & Ranch Supply

Canadian company Ro-Main has announced a distribution agreement with Ag Plus Farm & Ranch Supply in the US for its Smart Counting automatic pig counting system. Using a camera in a corridor, the Smart Counting server analyses video streams using specialised artificial intelligence algorithms to count pigs as they pass through the predefined counting zone.

Silotronic, Rotecna’s new silo content control system

Spanish pig equipment company Rotecna has launched a new silo level management system, called Silotronic. Basically it is a sensor that uses laser technology to accurately measure the level of feed contained inside silos, tanks or hoppers. The sensor, with a measuring range of up to 25m, allows farmers to know, in real-time, the level of feed available on the premises.

Photo: Rotecna

Photo: Rotecna

DanBred involved in multiplication herd in Philippines

DanBred has signed its first multiplication partnership with Chiu-Nichi in the Philippines. The 1st breeding animals will be received from Denmark later this year and will ultimately consist of 1,200 GP sows. The farm aims to produce 9,900 Hybrid PS gilts and 500 Duroc boars annually to supply the repopulation needs of the Philippine swine industry.

Porc d‘Or chooses Hypor as swine breeding partner

Porc d‘Or, a collaboration of several Dutch pig farmers, has chosen to work with Hypor pig genetics, from Hendrix Genetics breeding company. The cooperation focuses on 4 breeding locations participating in the concept where gilts are produced for the different sow farms with a total of 5,800 sows.

Eurofins adds animal health testing services

Eurofins BioDiagnostics has announced the launch of a new animal health testing service offering from its River Falls, WI, USA location. The new service focuses on diagnostic testing and surveillance to detect swine diseases and has been designed to address the needs of producers that require rapid turn-around testing.

Lidl France commits to responsible plant proteins

The French division of retailer Lidl has announced to ensure that by 2025, 100% responsible plant proteins are used to feed the farm animals in its animal products sector. The company will aim for using soybeans that will not be the cause of deforestation or the conversion of natural ecosystems in Brazil, and the local planting of protein crops (soybeans, protein peas, field beans and alfalfa) will be encouraged.

Costa: Pioneer farm for digital feeding system

Large Spanish swine producer Costa has inaugurated a pioneer farm for a digital feeding system. Its Pork Calanda facility in Teruel, Spain has a capacity for 3,300 sows. With an investment of € 7 million, the farm is governed by sustainability criteria, mainly aimed at guaranteeing animal welfare and the circular economy.

Photo: Costa Business Group

Photo: Costa Business Group

Maple Leaf Foods to purchase Saskatchewan pig farms

Maple Leaf Foods in Canada has reached an agreement to purchase 4 pig farms in central Saskatchewan from a group of companies known as Polar Pork. The acquisition, which will substantially increase the company’s pig production capacity in the province, includes 2 sow barns and 2 nursery barns with the potential to supply approximately 140,000 pigs.

CP Foods swine farms transition to solar energy

As part of CP Foods’ Green Farm, a community and environmental friendly farming model, the Thai agribusiness is transitioning its swine farms toward renewable energy sources through solar panels. From the success of the 1st 4 farms, the company is expanding the project to 6 more pig farms with a total power of 1.3 MW.

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