Who are the world’s mega pork producers?

18-06-2021 | |
A gestation room at a farm owned by Da Bei Nong, number #17 at this year's list. - Photo: Vincent ter Beek
A gestation room at a farm owned by Da Bei Nong, number #17 at this year's list. - Photo: Vincent ter Beek

The impact of China on global pork production and demand is undeniable, especially since the 2021 World Mega Producer List clearly indicates the rise of China, with an increase of almost 5 million sows.

6 Chinese companies were among the top-10 producers on the world mega producer list, a comprehensive listing of the world’s largest producers. Specifically, these companies have more than 100,000 sows.

Massive investment to rebuild China’s swine industry

The massive investment ($ 60 billion US) to rebuild China’s swine industry devastated by African Swine Fever can be seen in multiple company expansions, noted breeding company Genesus. The company reported that the China sow numbers were from late 2020, prior to the second wave of African Swine Fever.

Genesus identified 40 world mega producers this year that together manage 16.5 million sows. “This is a testament to these companies’ faith in the future and profitability of pork consumption,” noted Jim Long, president-CEO of Genesus, which showcased this list during the 2021 World Pork Expo.

Hardly any change in sow numbers outside China

Outside of China, there was almost no change in sow numbers of the world mega producers, a reflection of the pork industry’s financial condition related to Covid-19 pandemic issues of 2020, Genesus noted.

Since the 1960s, pork producers have seen continuous growth in global pork production. The world’s expanding population and growing income levels in various countries have fueled additional pork production and consumption.

Current trends indicate that consolidation will continue to drive the global pork industry. For producers that are not world mega producers, the field can be levelled by utilising available technology, whether it be nutrition, genetics, health, equipment or other resources, Long said. “The future for the world’s pork industry is bright.”

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