US strikes deal to export pork to Argentina

25-08-2017 | |
US strikes deal to export pork to Argentina. Photo: Frederik Vossenaar
US strikes deal to export pork to Argentina. Photo: Frederik Vossenaar

The United States and Argentina have agreed to terms that will allow United States pork to enter the Argentine market for the first time since 1992.

That news broke directly from a release from the White House in Washington, DC, last week.

Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The agreement follows the August 15 meeting between the US vice president Mike Pence and president Mauricio Macri of Argentina during his visit to Buenos Aires. President Trump first raised the issue with president Macri during their bilateral meeting at the White House on April 27.

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Under the terms of the agreement, all fresh, chilled, and frozen pork and pork products from United States animals will be eligible for export to Argentina. Argentine food safety officials will visit the United States to conduct on-site verification of the United States meat inspection system, after which United States pork exports will resume pending resolution of any outstanding technical issues.

$10 million per year for US pork producers

According to the White House, the agreement opens up a potential $10-million-per-year market for US pork producers.

The White House statement added that Argentina had “blocked imports of United States pork since 1992, citing animal health concerns.”

In a reaction, the US National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) obviously praised the actions of the US government. It called Argentina to have been “among several countries with non-science based barriers to US pork imports.”

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