Spain allowed to ship more pork to China

29-04-2020 | |
A pig farm near Lleida, in Northern Spain. - Photo: Ronald Hissink
A pig farm near Lleida, in Northern Spain. - Photo: Ronald Hissink

Spain has been allowed to export more pork and pork products to China. Earlier this month, the country’s ministry of Agriculture received the thumbs-up for another 8 processors to start shipping meat to the East.

The total amount of meatpackers allowed to export is now at 57, according to a news release by the Spanish ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA). Spain has been successfully promoting its pig meat in China in recent years. One year ago, 28 processors were allowed to export to China.

World’s largest exporter

According to the news release, Spain has been the world’s largest exporter of pork and and pork products to China since 2019, even before Germany, Denmark, Brazil or the USA. In 2019, the country exported pork and pig meat to China for a total of € 1.13 billion. That was a 119% year-on-year growth, according to the ministry. As such, pork constituted 55,3% of the total value of agricultural produce shipped from Spain to China. Other important agricultural export products include olive oil and wine.

Great relationship between Spain and China

Luis Planas Puchades is Spain’s minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. At the ministry’s website, he stated that the export figures are reflecting the ‘great relationship’ between the 2 countries. In May 2019, there has been a discussion between the Spanish ministry of Agriculture and the Chinese customs authorities. According to the minister, the Chinese have been true to their word by issuing additional export permits.

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