Podcast: Pig production in Zimbabwe’s heat

25-11-2020 | |
Podcast: Pig production in Zimbabwe s heat
Podcast: Pig production in Zimbabwe s heat

What is pig production like in Zimbabwe these days? For the 3rd episode of the Real P3 podcast series, Dr Casey Bradley spoke to pig farmer Johan Odendall.

The Real P3 podcast series is a recent initiative, where pork producers from all over the world will be interviewed about challenges and solutions in their day-to-day work.

Producing pigs at high temperatures

This episode of the podcast series travels to Africa, to learn what pig production is like in a country where temperatures can rise above 40°C. Odendall runs a farrow-to-finish farm of just over 4,650 sows. The owning company has a farm division as well an own slaughterhouse with processing section.

The farm produces for the domestic markets, as due to ASF, exporting restrictions are in place.

Earlier episode of the podcast series

In the previous weeks, Pig Progress published earlier episodes of the Real P3 Podcast Series:

Episode 1: Mihaela Angheluta, Denmark
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