Podcast on summer highlights in the global pig industry

18-08-2021 | |
Podcast on summer highlights in the global pig industry
Podcast on summer highlights in the global pig industry

Zinc oxide, Prop 12, African Swine Fever, free farrowing stalls and a range of other topics are being discussed now the Real P3 podcast team sits back and reflects about the year 2021 so far.

The Real P3 podcast series is an initiative where pork professionals from around the world are interviewed about challenges and solutions in their day-to-day work.

In this 28th episode of the podcast, Dr Casey Bradley connected with co-founders Philip van den Brink and Willem Steyn as well as Vincent ter Beek, editor of Pig Progress, to reflect on the past months.

Especially from South Africa there come quite a lot of things to think about. Willem Steyn explains the effect the recent riots have had on South Africa’s agricultural production – and he also shares his perspectives on the reduction of zinc oxide.

In addition, what does the Prop 12 developments mean for US pig production – and would other countries around the world be ready for Prop 12?

Earlier episodes of the Real P3 podcast

In the previous weeks, Pig Progress published earlier episodes of the Real P3 podcast series. Episodes 25, 26 and 27 will be highlighted in the coming weeks.

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Episode 24; part 3: Dennis Wooden, MI, USA.

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