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27-01-2021 | |
Photo: Real P3
Photo: Real P3

Often touched upon: the divide between the agricultural world and that of city people. Sometimes these worlds seem too far apart, yet at the same time listening is the way ahead. The 10th episode of the Real P3 podcast offers a view on meat consumption from a very special consumer from Los Angeles, CA, USA.

The Real P3 podcast series is a recent initiative, where pork professionals from all over the world are interviewed about challenges and solutions in their day-to-day work. In this 10th episode of the podcast series, Dr Casey Bradley speaks to Henry Silva, aged 24, who helps the Sunswine Group create the podcast series as an apprentice. It is a different look at pork and meat production than most podcasts. Silva is based in Los Angeles, CA, United States and studied sports management.

Food and meat quality matters

As his family are of Argentinian origin, meat consumption is part of his culture, he says. Food quality matters to him. Silva also talks about vegetarian activists who prefer not to have any animals killed for food production. He speaks of the ‘circle of life’. “Animals kill each other for food, that is the way we do it.”

One of the questions asked is how the young generation can be convinced to consider a career in agriculture. Silva says, “The best way I can think of is that you would be learning life skills. Not just from LA, but just from anywhere, to do farming.”

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