Pig Progress presents ‘World of Pigs’

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Pig Progress presents  World of Pigs
Pig Progress presents World of Pigs

As of today, Pig Progress visitors can enjoy a novel section, which contains dynamic tools that allow easy access to pig production information from around the world.

With the new ‘World of Pigs’ tool, visitors will discover 2 great new maps offering direct access to a host of information, as well as a pig inventory tool and an expert opinion section.

Visit pig farms in 24 countries


Firstly, the ‘Farm Visits’ map provides direct access to all farm visit features that were published in the course of the last few years.

By presenting these on a global map, visitors can directly hover over all current 78 addresses in 24 countries and discover what made each swine facility worth visiting.

By clicking on any of the locators, a passport will appear, providing direct access to features, additional photo reports and sometimes even video footage.

Should you wish to know what the pig situation is in general, when available, these passports often provide links to a country’s analysis as well.

Of course this overview is far from complete – we are striving to make it more complete and will continue to add new countries and update information as time goes on.

Visit the pig country of your choice


Secondly, the ‘Country Focus’ map combines all analyses of most important pig countries around the globe.

Together with a group of expert contributors, we have worked on analysing the pig situation in many countries across the globe. Each country with a pink colour has had a recent editorial analysis. Just click on the country and a brief passport will show up, providing links to the related analysis, containing a host of editorial information about the long-term developments of the pig market, production, trade and pork consumption in that particular country.

Take for instance ‘United States’ –a passport shows up presenting an economic analysis as well recent pig farm features, giving each reader a good idea of what this country has to offer.

The country passport also contains quick links to Pig Progress’ most recent swine farm features.

Pig inventories from years back to now


To complete the new additions, we have also included a ‘Global pig statistics tool’ – presenting the historical development of pig inventories of all countries in the world.

How many pigs are there in Germany, how many in Spain and is there a lot of difference between them? The tool is based on the latest data of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

This is a dynamic tool, which will be kept up-to-date. Stay tuned for the latest information…

Expert opinions on pigs around the globe


Last but not least, the section ‘Expert opinions’ will present a selection of the most relevant weblogs and columns.

New topics and subjects will be added here from time to time.


Also take a look at the Pig Progress Health Tool – providing deep insights into health matters of pigs around the globe.

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