Novel Chinese technology can identify pigs in herds

19-07-2018 | |
Novel Chinese technology can identify pigs in herds. Photo: Yingzi Technology
Novel Chinese technology can identify pigs in herds. Photo: Yingzi Technology

China-based technology company Yingzi has recently launched an update and expansion of its pig facial recognition technology.

In total, 2 novel concepts introduced at the meeting in Guangzhou on July 16th. They were introduced as ‘Yingzi Pig Face Recognition 2.0’ and ‘Pig Genomic Selection and Genomic Mating’.

Pig facial recognition technology

In March, Yingzi launched a 1st version of its pig facial recognition technology, and this was commercialised successfully, according to the company. Based on customer recommendations, the new update is capable of identifying individual pigs in herds. The artificial intelligence (AI) identification system can thus help improve the entire chain of production, according to the company.

In the future, the company will share its new model of AI pig rearing with partners through Yingzi Developer AI Technology Platform, an open big data concept. Yingzi has already worked on a cooperation between insurance business and farms using face recognition data.

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Pig genomic selection technology

The other novelty, Pig Genomic Selection & Genomic Mating, is considered a highlight product. The concept, with genomic information technology as core driver, is developed as an in-depth system, mining porcine genomic features. The idea is to develop a pig selection and mating system based on genomic information.

The concept will ensure a quick transmission of excellent genes from breeding pigs to their commercial offspring, maximising the potential of good genes in their offspring population and increasing commercial pig productivity and reducing production costs.

It is expected that this approach based on gene engineering will become one of the key assets of Yingzi technology.

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