Miratorg’s roaring pig production expansion plans

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Miratorg s roaring pig production expansion plans. Photo: Miratorg
Miratorg s roaring pig production expansion plans. Photo: Miratorg

Russian agricultural holding Miratorg has embarked on an ambitious project: The construction of new pig farms, a giant feed mill, and also a modern slaughterhouse. All has been designed to expand production capacities in its pork division to 1 million tonnes/year by 2023.

Initial construction works have commenced at the site of the company’s new feed mill in Orlov region. Once in operation, the feed mill will be the largest in operation in Russia, according to Miratorg. Currently, the grain storage has already been built, while the entire factory with the designed capacity of 800,000 tonnes of feed production per year is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2019, the company said mid-November. The investment costs of the project are estimated to be around 4.8 billion roubles (US$ 80 million).

Currently, in Central Russia, Miratorg aims to produce 1.65 million tonnes of feed at 3 feed mills, which in itself represents a 13% growth in comparison to 2017. The new production complex is about to increase that figure to 2.45 million tonnes and will allow the company to be self-sufficient in feed despite a strong growth in pork and beef production.

Pig farms and slaughterhouse

Miratorg is also investing considerable sums of money to increase pig production and slaughter capacity in Kursk region, in northern Russia.

In total, Miratorg is planning to build 16 pig farms and a large slaughterhouse with the capacity of 4.5 million pigs/year in Kursk region by 2023. Miratorg stated that the new robotised slaughterhouse will be the biggest in Europe. The new complex will release a broad range of various pork products in consumer packages that could in theory also cater for exports from Russia.

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Overall pig investments of over US$ 1 billion

According to the region’s government the overall investment into that project is estimated to be 68.4 billion roubles (US$ 1.05 billion). The company will require 160,000 ha of agricultural land for building the pig farms, slaughterhouse and have land to grow feed grains.

In 2017, Miratorg manufactured 415,000 tonnes of pork in live weight, a 1.5% year-on-year growth.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern Europe correspondent
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