5 pig innovations awarded at virtual SPACE

03-10-2020 | |
Photo: SPACE
Photo: SPACE

Even though the physical trade show of SPACE in Rennes, France, had to be cancelled this September due to Covid-19, the annual award procedure did go on as planned. 5 swine innovations deserve a closer look.

Every September, SPACE normally attracts roughly 140,000 farming visitors from all over the world. Although the show had to be cancelled, the Innov‘SPACE awards were handed out on September 15. 26 out of the 70 applications received either 1 or 2 stars. 5 of these awards are useful for the swine industry.

I-Tek, Weantek ⭐⭐

Farrowing and post-weaning pen

The only pig innovation to win 2 stars in the 2020 Innov’SPACE awards is this combination pen. It combines both a large lactation pen as well as a post-weaning pen for grower pigs only. The pen by I-Tek can have 3 different functions. First, the sow can be locked up during parturition and shortly after; secondly, the sow can be in the pen with her piglets; and thirdly, the grower pigs themselves can stay in it.

The system has been presented to promote animal growth by reducing the stress of weaning. In addition, the need for cleaning and human intervention is reduced. The locks on top and bottom do not require any specific tools. The pen can be included into new buildings; retrofitting is also an option.

Porc Armor Evolution, Sesol ⭐

Solar power self-consumption system

Facing increasing electricity prices, many farmers want to develop an power production on-farm. To meet that need, Porc Armor Evolution developed a tool for sizing self-consumption photovoltaic installations. It allows the comparison of several solar power production hypotheses: tracker, rooftop installation, ground installation.

The tool relies on 10 years of data to estimate the solar power production potential in order to optimise the installation according to the winter period, a period when power is expensive. It provides rapid visibility on installation and operating costs, payback time and internal rate of ROI of the project for the 3 simulations.

Photo: Theseo

Photo: Theseo

Theseo, TH-Gold ⭐

Disinfectant based solely on formic acid

This disinfectant is based on formic acid as its only active ingredient. Formic acid is found naturally in nature, secreted by nettles or ants to defend against their attackers. The low-classified biocide with a favourable toxic and eco-toxicological profile will allow the product to be used in organic breeding.

Disinfectants based on organic acids often have the defect of foaming suboptimally; experience has shown that this particular product by Theseo is ‘dense and smooth’. The foam adheres to vertical surfaces resulting in a longer activity time of the disinfectant on micro-organisms. In France, the product is available as from November/December 2020.

Photo: Farmapro

Photo: Farmapro

Farmapro, Eko Germ D ⭐

Concentrated disinfectant of plant and mineral origin

Eko Germ D is a concentrated foaming disinfectant based on lactic acid without petroleum derivatives or chemical additives. Its active compounds are 100% of vegetable origin and are derived from renewable resources. Its formula with a minimum of risk pictograms is without compromise on efficiency and performance.

This product is part of Farmapro’s Eko range, a guarantee of insurance for health, breeding and planet. It does not present any risk for the environment and the health of people and animals in the long term.

Photo: Joz

Photo: Joz

Joz, Vario Sprocket ⭐

Chain wheel

Joz produces drive units with which manure scrapers are propelled through the barn. A manure scraper with a chain uses a nest wheel or a direct drive from the motor to the chain and thus the slider. Over the years, wear of the nest wheel occurs; the nest wheel on the drive station has to be replaced 3 times during the life of a manure scraper. The Vario Sprocket changes that.

It can change its pitch, adapting to the varying pitch of the chain. It has 6 teeth, which can move independently of each other, reducing wear and compensating unequal chain link lengths. The teeth can also be replaced as wearing parts, without having to replace the complete drive wheel.

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