Wrapping up September: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Wrapping up September: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Pig Progress brings you the latest business news and updates from the global pig industry, including new single cell proteins, an innovation award, and a pork producer that partnered with a company in artificial intelligence.

Evonik showcased its first plant-based product at SPACE

At SPACE, Evonik Animal Nutrition showcased PhytriCare IM which was developed in partnership with Dr. Eckel Animal Nutrition and has is the first plant-based product in the company’s portfolio. The product consists of plant extracts containing high amounts of flavonoids, known for their anti-inflammatory effects. The product is available in the EU, with approvals underway in other regions.

Hamlet Protein hosts international delegation

Hamlet Protein hosted a group of professors and PhD students from Denmark, the UK, and the US for a plant tour and technical presentation and discussions in Horsens, Denmark. The group was were offered insights into the company’s latest scientific research, shared in market experiences on applications in starter and pre-starter feeds and presented the company’s patented production process.

Phileo by Lesaffre yeast product to lower antibiotic use

Phileo by Lesaffre says that trial shave shown that its feeding its yeast-based beta-glucan solution Safglucan can help pigs cope better with the negative effect of enteric disorders caused by Lawsonia intracellularis by improving intestinal resilience.

Cooperl and Völur join forces in artificial intelligence

French pork producer Cooperl and global software company Völur have partnered to maximise pork carcass sorting and cutting with artificial intelligent technology. Völur will identify the optimal daily production plans for Cooperl’s Lamballe facility to satisfy demand while maximising the value of the carcasses. Cooperl is also seeking to link the optimisation of carcasses with the scheduling of primary cutting.

DSM-Firmenich develops single cell proteins

DSM-Firmenich has developed new single-cell proteins which have the capacity for the production of net-zero carbon protein by partially decoupling animal production from conventional inputs and associated challenges. The use of SCPs as an animal feed ingredient is a game-changer, says the company.

Orffa Belgium hosts seminar

The theme of Orffa Belgium NV’s 2023 seminar was ‘One Health’. In addition to sharing in-house knowledge, Dr Ir. Alfons Jansman from Wageningen Livestock Research focused on how to reduce nitrogen excretion by adjustments to the feed of pigs and poultry, and Shannon Groen from Delft Solids Solutions spoke about the techniques available to test dustiness of feed additives and feeds.

CEOs meet at the Alltech Vietnam Agri-food Summit

Some 24 CEOs from across the Vietnamese agri-food sector convened at the Alltech Vietnam Agri-food Summit in Ho Chi Minh City to discuss how to sustainably meet the challenges currently facing the industry. Changemakers and thought leaders shared their insights on various topics, including consumer trends, agricultural technologies and the biggest opportunities for the Vietnamese market. The group also explored how the industry can continue to innovate and work together.

CP Foods accelerates shift to 100% renewable energy

Charoen Pokphand Foods (CP Foods) has phased out coal across all production processes, and in Thailand, renewables account for 30% of the company’s total energy consumption (68% biomass, 30% biogas, and 2% solar). CP Foods is targeting a 50 MW solar energy production by the end of 2023 and doubling it by 2025. Existing solar panels currently generate 20 MW.

Magapor wins innovation award

Magapor has been awarded the National Innovation Award 2023 in the category ‘Small and Medium Innovative Company’. Awarded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation of Spain, the award Magapor’s innovation in and contribution to the advancement of the pork industry.

A successful SPACE 2023 event in France

The 37th edition of SPACE was held from 12-14 September at the Rennes Exhibition Centre, featuring 1,207 exhibitors who welcomed 90,771 visitors from 122 countries. Energy was a major theme at the show. Meanwhile Innov’Space was again a highlight, and the Youth Forum and the Tech’Agri Challenge focused its attention on young people, highlighting the value of animal farming.

World Veterinary Association honours Japanese veterinarian Dr Kurauchi

The World Veterinary Association recently launched a new format of its Global Veterinary Awards, supported by Ceva Sante Animale, extending their scope from animal welfare, to include One Health, Medicine Stewardship and Veterinary Education. An honorary prize was presented to Dr Isao Kurauchi recognising his personal efforts and that of the Fukuoka Prefecture to bring real meaning to the concept of One Health and his belief that human, animal and environmental health are interconnected and should be addressed together.

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