Wrapping up October: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Wrapping up October: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Pig Progress brings the latest business news and updates from the global pig industry, including the launch of a new tool for producers to detect respiratory disease early, and new gestation stalls that comply with Proposition 12.

Photo: Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim barn tech to detect respiratory disease

Boehringer Ingelheim has launched SoundTalks, which uses algorithms and artificial intelligence combined with always-on, in-barn audio monitoring to help swine producers detect and respond to respiratory disease up to 5 days earlier than conventional methods, leading to earlier treatment and recovery, resulting in improved productivity and reduced costs.

Chiara Guidi wins 2nd place in Nutreco’s 2022 Young Researchers’ Prize

Chiara Guidi from the University of Ghent, Belgium, came in second place in Nutreco’s 2022 Young Researchers’ Prize. Guidi’s research explores a means of tackling antimicrobial resistance through the production and use of Chitooligosaccharides that target pathogens in the guts of weaning piglets, improving their immunity and growth, whilst preventing illness and reducing the need for antibiotics.

Photo: PigTek

PigTek launches Swing-Fix gestation stalls

PigTek’s new Swing-Fix gestation stalls, available with standard or artificial insemination doors, allow sows to freely walk in and out of individual stalls. When a sow enters a stall to eat, the door automatically closes behind it, and the sow can release itself by backing up to a latch that opens the door.

Bioiberica extends partnerships in Asia

Bioiberica has partnered with ASKA Animal Health Co. and Shintoa Corporation in the animal health space to distribute its Nucleoforce ranges, and eventually its Palbio portfolio, in Japan. ASKA Animal Health Co. will initially import the company’s Nucleoforce Aqua and Nucleoforce Livestock ingredients, which offer a concentrate of free nucleotides and active precursors obtained from yeast. The Shintoa Corporation will oversee the promotion and sale of the ingredients.

Layn Natural Ingredients Launches TruGro MYC

Layn Natural Ingredients, manufacturer of natural, functional botanical extract ingredients and solutions, has launched TruGro MYC, which the company says is a potent, polyphenol-rich botanical extract solution for use as an animal feed additive to reduce the negative effects of mycotoxins on broilers and pigs.

Amino acids life cycle assessment data integrated in Agribalyse 3.1

Following a collaborative work between ADEME, EVEA and Metex Animal Nutrition, the new version of Agribalyse 3.1 integrates country specific amino acids Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data. Agribalyse is a referent LCA database on agricultural and food products. This updated version allows a new step of accuracy in the LCA calculation of the industry. The amino acids Life Cycle Assessment data are documented according to the type of amino acids, and their country of production and shows significant differences.

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