Wrapping up May: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Wrapping up May: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Pig Progress brings you the latest business news and updates from the global pig industry, from Cherkizovo’s acquisition of a Finnish pork processor and a partnership between Adisseo and Entobel, to the launch of the world’s first disposable needle-free injector for pigs.

Atria sells fastfood business in Cherkizovo

Finnish pork processor, Atria, has sold its fastfood business in Russia, Sibylla Rus, to Cherkizovo for about €8 million. The business reportedly accounted for about 2% of the group’s total net sales. The deal includes 4,400 fast food shops in Russia and former members of the Soviet Union, equipment and recipes, but excludes rights to the Sibylla trademark.

Perstorp to be acquired by Petronas

Specialty chemicals company, Perstorp Group, is to be acquired by Petronas Chemicals Group. The acquisition values Perstorp Group at an enterprise value of €2.3 million.

Innovad acquires Scentarom

Photo: Innovad

As part of the ambitious growth strategy in sustainable and natural solutions, and to add capacity to support the growth in feed palatability and essential oil products, Innovad Group has acquired Scentarom, a developer and manufacturer of feed flavours and fragrances.

Adisseo & Entobel partner on alternative insect protein

Adisseo and Entobel have initiated an R&D collaboration to better understand and enhance insect rearing performance and the nutritional requirements of the Black Soldier Fly. They will focus on the performance of the insects and the quality of this protein meal, prioritizing the way to control the ingredients used to feed insects, and their complementarities with the most important feed additives, like methionine and enzymes.

FRAmelco B.V. becomes Adisseo NL B.V.

In December 2020, the FRAnklin Group (FRAmelco, Sustainable Nutrition, FRAnklin Asia) was acquired by Adisseo. With its integration into the Adisseo family, a formal name change from FRAmelco B.V. to Adisseo NL B.V., will take place on 1 September 2022.

Disposable needle-free injector launched

Photo: Pulse NeedleFree Systems

Pulse NeedleFree Systems reports that it has introduced the world’s first disposable line of needle-free livestock vaccination devices, the Pulse FX product line, offering pork producers plug-and-play operational simplicity at a cost comparable to conventional syringes and needles. The fixed-dose 500 g device, available from 0.2 ml to 2 ml, does not require maintenance, repairs or parts replacement.

PigEasy introduces the MealMeter 2.0

Photo: PigEasy

Iowa-based PigEasy has unveiled the MealMeter 2.0 intake monitoring dispenser. According to the company, this high-tech iteration of their gilt and sow feeding solution allows producers to track the feed and water consumption of individual sows during farrowing by capturing data through various sensors to accurately track the sows’ or gilts’ interactions with the feeder.

AGCO unveils new pit monitoring stick for swine producers

Photo: AGCO

AP, AGCO’s swine production equipment brand, is introducing a new pit monitoring stick system that provides swine producers with real-time data to know precise manure pit levels so they can plan their pumping schedule. The system consists of a pressure sensor, a controller and a stick inserted into the pit. The stick can be operated as a stand-alone system or can be connected to AP’s EDGE barn controller to provide automated updates and alerts.

Cloudfarms and Suisag launch application

Together with Swiss Suisag, Cloudfarms has introduced an application, the Pig Passport, to enable breeding and production farms and processors to register and analyse production data of each individual pig from birth to processing. Data contains information such as genetic pedigree, feed consumption and health via an electronic ear tag.

CP Foods showcases social returns and a new processing facility in Cambodia

Photo: Charoen Pokphand Foods

Thailand’s Charoen Pokphand Foods, in collaboration with Social Value Thailand, unveiled social impact outcomes of income-guaranteed contract farming of a fattening pig scheme. The result shows that the participants (3,093 farmers) received 4.28 times social return on investment. Meanwhile, CP Cambodia has opened a new swine processing plant in Kampot province.

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