Wrapping up March: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Wrapping up March: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Pig Progress brings you the latest business news and updates from the global pig industry, including the introduction of a new trait in the pig breeding goals, the launch of new products for piglets, and company acquisitions in the pig productions sector. This and more.

Novus acquires enzyme company BioResource International

Novus International has completed the acquisition of US-based enzyme company BioResource International, making Novus the owner of all BioResource International’s products and intellectual property, and takes control of the company’s facilities in North Carolina in the US. BioResource’s products include feed additives and enzymes, among others.

Evonik Vland Biotech joint venture commences operations

Photo: Evonik Vland Biotech

The newly-founded joint venture Evonik Vland Biotech, based in Binzhou, China, commenced operations on 1 January 2024. The parent companies, Evonik China and Shandong Vland Biotech, want to jointly expand the market presence of their products, such as probiotics for the gut health of livestock in the Greater China region, and develop new products and solutions. The joint venture was officially opened in Qingdao on 14 March.

Deloitte and DSM-Firmenich partner with Sustell

Deloitte and DSM-Firmenich have entered into a strategic partnership aimed to address the growing need for environmental accountability and unlock new opportunities related to sustainability across the animal protein value chain using DSM-Firmenich’s life cycle assessment (LCA) platform, Sustell.

Alltech and Thai Wah Public Co. partner to advance carbon reduction efforts in Asia

Alltech and Thai Wah Public Co. have joined forces to advance carbon reduction efforts in the Asian agri-food industry by leveraging scientific nutritional solutions and technologies. A MoU was signed in February by the presidents of both companies. The companies are collaborating to boost sustainable animal feed production, enhance animal feed nutrition for optimal health and performance, and promote efficient waste utilisation through a biogas project.

Photo: DanBred

New DanBred breeding goal strengthens sow robustness

After years of research, sow survival is a new trait in the breeding goals for DanBred Landrace and DanBred Yorkshire. The technical work on sow survival is completely unique, as data is now collected on at least 100,000 sows in commercial production herds annually. No other breeding company has the same innovative approach to sow survival where data is collected directly in production herds, according to the company.

Lallemand Animal Nutrition present solution to substitute blood plasma in weaning pigs’ diets

Lallemand Animal Nutrition swine experts presented a new study at the BOKU Symposium Tierernährung 2024 on the replacement of porcine blood plasma by hydrolyzed yeast-based solution, Yela Prosecure in post-weaning piglet feed.

Limagrain Ingredients introduces Presco Flour for piglets

Presco Flour by Limagrain Ingredients is a fine-milled version of the company’s traditional Presco (PRESsure-Cooked) products and is aimed at piglets. The product is designed to break down starch, preserve health-supporting fibre and provide quick energy as well as unparalleled digestibility of nutrients to young animals.

Photo: Evonik

Evonik unveils latest global trial results

Evonik has released the second edition of its MetAmino Atlas, a set of 19 new performance trials investigating the relative bioavailability of supplementary methionine sources in animal diets. The latest studies reconfirm that 65 units of MetAmino can replace 100 units of methionine hydroxy analog free acids and its calcium salts (MHA-FA/Ca) in feeds for poultry, swine, and aquatic species without compromising animal performance.

Coen Smits gives inaugural lecture at Wageningen University and Research

Coen Smits, global sustainability director at Nutreco’s livestock feed business line, Trouw Nutrition, gave his inaugural lecture at Wageningen University & Research as chair functional ingredients for sustainable animal nutrition. The presentation was entitled ‘Functional feed for sustainable food’ and focused on the sustainability challenges facing the livestock industry, and how functional foods play a role in helping us produce more sustainable food and reduce our footprint.

Photo: CP Foods

CP Foods champions green building initiative

With the objective of achieving a net-zero emissions by 2050, CP Foods is constructing green buildings for its operations nationwide, utilising sustainable construction materials and implementing measures to reduce energy consumption. The initiative begins with the development of 5 green buildings, including a range of facilities like office buildings, pig processing and slaughtering plants in Thailand.

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