Wrapping up January: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Wrapping up January: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Pig Progress brings you the latest business news and updates from the global pig industry, from a new method to test the quality of boar semen, to a new animal vaccine against Japanese Encephalitis, and the launch of a new platform under a partnership of numerous Dutch companies.

Danish Genetics uses new testing method on semen

Until now, semen doses from boars at the KS-stations have been analysed using a microscope. From now on, Danish Genetics will use a high-precision software tool – the so-called CASA (Computer Assisted Semen Analysis) analysis – to test all boars to identify the quality of the semen.

Japanese Encephalitis vaccine under development in Australia

La Trobe University researchers in Australia have developed an animal vaccine against Japanese Encephalitis following the last year’s outbreak. The vaccine is expected to be ready for market in the coming months and will be manufactured at Apiam Animal Health‘s ACE Laboratory Services. APIAM is working with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority to apply for a permit that will allow them to distribute the vaccine to farmers.

Dutch pig companies partner to launch new platform

A total of 17 Dutch companies active in the pig business have signed a strategic partnership agreement, combining their strengths and knowledge in international pig production. For this purpose, Dutch Agribusiness Worldwide was created, aimed at making Dutch knowledge in all aspects of the pig production chain available to the global market. The founders of this initiative are Mark Schipper of Schippers Group, and Gudo klein Gebbink of Royal Agrifirm Group.

VIV Asia 2023 presents conference programme

VIV Asia has announced its conference programme, which it says will offer attendees insights into the latest innovations and technologies, as well as best practices from leading industry and research experts. With over 200 speakers joining from around the world and over 100 conferences and sessions, various pertinent topics will be discussed. While some conferences require an entry fee, most of the programme is free.

Topigs Norsvin launches new data exchange platform

Topigs Norsvin has launched a new data exchange platform created to facilitate the growing need for safe, reliable, online information exchange between Topigs Norsvin and its global business partners. The open data platform uses ePIGS, the international Agri sector exchange standard for pigs from AgroConnect.

AP introduces first all-steel swine barns in the US

Photo: AP

A new 12,000-head sow complex is under construction, featuring the first prefabricated steel swine barns in South Dakota in the US. Steel buildings are said to offer a more biosecure, flame-retardant, and energy-efficient environment for pigs, while also being more durable and faster to build. The steel building package, designed by C-Lines, is being provided by AP, Agco’s swine equipment brand.

BI:2023 Grants call for proposals

Veterinarians, producers, researchers and academics may now apply for one of 3 US$35,000 awards for research related to swine health and production through the Growing Research and New Technology for Swine (Grants) programme sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim. The deadline to apply is 14 April.

Novus names distribution partner in China and acquires Agrivida

Novus International has partnered with Co-Innova Animal Nutrition Technology to serve as its distributor in China for its Mintrex bis-chelated trace minerals and other products. The company has also acquired biotech company Agrivida, taking ownership of the proprietary Interius technology Agrivida developed to embed feed additives inside grains. This move comes 2 years after Novus began a commercial partnership with Agrivida to support the sale of the start-up’s flagship product, Grainzyme.

Alltech Crop Science acquires Ideagro

Left to right: Mike Castle, COO, Alltech; Pedro Palazón, CEO, Ideagro; Dr Mark Lyons, President and CEO, Alltech; Andy Thomas, CEO, Alltech Crop Science; Christopher Speight, CFO, Alltech. Photo: Alltech

Alltech Crop Science has acquired Ideagro based in Spain. This partnership aims to accelerate soil and crop research, and to enhance biological and other microorganism-based offerings to Alltech Crop Science customers throughout the world.

Purina announces new feed additives for swine sector

Purina Animal Nutrition has announced 2 new products. The Purina EnduraSow feed additive has been formulated to support sow performance and reproductive efficiency, and Purina EnduraPig feed additive for piglet respiratory health and immune function during the post-weaning period.

Evonik and Dr Eckel to cooperate on phytogenics

Evonik and Dr Eckel Animal Nutrition have entered into a partnership effective 1 January 2023. This agreement will enable Evonik’s Animal Nutrition business line to expand its product portfolio in the gut health solutions area to include the phytogenics product class. Evonik plans to launch the first product from the partnership with Dr. Eckel in Europe in the first quarter of 2023.

DSM partners with Foundation Earth to promote food eco-labeling

Photo: DSM / Foundation Earth

Royal DSM and Foundation Earth have partnered on the eco-labeling. DSM will undertake full Life Cycle Assessments for participating brands, enabling companies to access an aggregated eco-impact score on their products, as well as an ecolabel that can be displayed. Agri-food companies joining Foundation Earth can now access DSM’s Sustell service to measure and improve the environmental impacts of animal protein products.

Nutreco and BiomEdit collaborate on microbiome technology

Nutreco and BiomEdit have entered a strategic research and commercial partnership to bring livestock producers innovative feed additives developed through microbiome technology. The collaboration covers the development and commercialisation of Biome-actives developed using BiomEdit’s microbiome science and bioinformatics platform.

BASF and Cargill expand their partnership in the US

BASF and Cargill announced their expanded cooperation, adding the US to their existing feed enzymes development and distribution agreement. With the expanded geographical reach, the companies aim to bring the voice and commercial insights of US protein producers to craft the next generation of enzymes.

Cloudfarms and JBS Live Pork advance data management at sow operations

Cloudfarms and JBS Live Pork have partnered to further advance production data management at sow operations in the US. JBS has already set up Cloudfarms’ Swine Data Management System at their 90 US sow farms. In a next step, JBS will roll out the Cloudfarms’ mobile app.

CP Foods moves toward sustainability

Photo: CP Foods

Charoen Pokphand Foods is moving toward a more sustainable food system by abandoning the use of coal, emphasising animal welfare and the responsible use of antibiotics. The company’s premium products, ‘Cheeva Pork’ is certified as being 100% grown without the use of antibiotics or additional growth hormones. The company has also leveraged blockchain technology into its digital food traceability system for fresh pork and chicken products.

Aeon Malaysia acknowledged for new pig welfare policy

Malaysia-based retail chain Aeon has been recognised for publishing a new animal health and welfare policy that protects the ‘Five Freedoms’ of pigs and other farm animals in the company’s supply chain. The policy, drafted with the support of Lever Foundation, will require animal protein suppliers to end the use of cages and crates, limit stocking densities, provide suitable environments, and meet additional standards set by animal welfare experts.

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