Wrapping up December: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Wrapping up December: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Pig Progress brings the latest business news and updates from the global pig industry, from new investments in swine tech and artificial insemination to improvements in wheat-based liquid feed solutions and advances in insect farming for pig feed.

PIC makes strategic investment in SwineTech

Pig genetics company PIC has made a minority investment in US-based farm management solutions company SwineTech. The companies will explore products and approaches for improving the predictability and efficiency of swine production.

Axiom and Choice Genetics announce acquisition

Axiom and Choice Genetics have concluded negotiations and as of 20 December 2023, Axiom holds the majority stakes in Choice Genetics France, Poland and Brazil. With this acquisition, the Axiom Group joins the world’s top-5 players in the field. Through its Polish subsidiary, the group is also acquiring an artificial insemination centre.

Topigs Norsvin opens Inovare Núcleo Genético in Brazil

With an investment of over R$40 million (US$ 8.2 million), Netherlands-based breeding company Topigs Norsvin has has opened the Inovare Núcleo Genetico in Lages in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The core farm has a built area of 100,000 m² and will have the capacity to house more than 1,000 great-grandparent sows.

Crespeo boosts dry content for wheat-based liquid feed solution

Crespeo, the feed ingredient specialist of wheat processor Crespel & Deiters Group, has developed a process to increase dry matter content of its liquid wheat extract Crespovit Extract from 22% to 24%. Optimised mechanical water removal and further evaporation results in a more concentrated product, which the company says is more palatable and bioavailable to pigs.

Pharmgate Animal Health announces approval

Pharmgate‘s Aivlosin WSG is a water-soluble antibiotic for oral use by administration in drinking water for the control of ileitis and respiratory disease in swine. The product has been approved in groups of swine intended for slaughter for some years now, but the company has announced the addition of females intended for breeding to the Aivlosin WSG label in both the US and Canada.

DuBreton positions to produce pigs in compliance with Prop 12

DuBreton has signed an agreement with 10 independent breeders in the pork industry, enabling them to convert their farms to the production of animal welfare-certified pork meeting California’s Prop 12 standards. The company says that its organic certifications, Certified Humane and GAP 5-step exceed the animal welfare requirements of Prop 12.

Largest insect farm in Northern Europe opens

ENORM Biofactory - eksteriør, Hvirring. Dato: 24.11.23 Foto: Claus Haagensen PRESSEKOPI; KAN BENYTTES VEDERLASGFRIT I FORB. MED OMTALE AF ENORM BIOFACTORY.The Enorm Biofactory in Hvirring, Denmark, has been inaugurated. On the new 22,000 m² farm, black soldier fly larvae will be bred and processed into insect protein and insect oil. Overall, an amount of around €70 million was invested in the project. Much of the technology was supplied, including the climate systems, air cleaning and heat recovery equipment, the liquid feeding system, and the crates, was supplied by Better Insect Solutions, a subsidiary of the Big Dutchman group.

Research programme aims to commercialise UK insect farming

The University of Leeds and Entocycle unveiled a £430,000 (€496,000) research programme, InSafe, to develop the protocols, codes of practice and Food Safety and Quality standards of the UK insect farming industry. The project will evaluate the use of non-permissive feedstocks, including pig slurry, chicken manure and sewage sludge, to raise black soldier fly. An insect-rearing demonstrator facility will house the research and is situated at the National Pig Centre on the University of Leeds’ research farm in Yorkshire.

Sustell receives “Golden Key Champion” Award

DSM-firmenich’s Sustell has been honoured with 2 awards at the “Golden Key” ceremony hosted by the China Sustainability Tribune. Sustell emerged as the overall winner from 259 entries from over 100 companies, receiving both the “Golden Key – Champion” and “Golden Key – Outstanding” awards in the Tech4SDG category. The accolades recognise entities making remarkable contributions towards achieving the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

Alltech awarded and releases mycotoxin report

Animal health and nutrition company Alltech has been awarded a silver medal from EcoVadis, putting it in the top 25% of sustainable companies globally. The company also earned a platinum medal for its production site in Springfield, KY, United States, and Alltech Coppens earned gold-medal status.

The company has also released its 2023 European Harvest Analysis which is an assessment report of over 1,100 grain and forage samples collected from more than 20 countries. The results show an overall higher-risk mycotoxin year in Europe in 2023, partly due to excessive rain.

AgriBITs Summit 2024 scheduled for September

AgriBITs Summit 2024 is being introduced by the organisers of VIV Worldwide as an event embracing innovation and spreading the knowledge on all things artificial intelligence, internet of things and digitalisation for sustainable food production. Topics will include arable farming, indoor agriculture and animal farming. The event will take place in Utrecht, the Netherlands, from 5-6 September 2024.

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