Wrapping up August: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Wrapping up August: What’s new in the world of pigs?

Pig Progress brings you the latest business news and updates from the global pig industry, including new genotyping services in Europe, a pig-weighing camera, and positive trial results of soya alternatives in pig diets.

3CR Bioscience, MolBreeding and HC Scientific partner in Europe

3CR Bioscience, MolBreeding Biotech and HC Scientific will establish a lab facility north of London, expected to open at the end of 2023, offering genotyping services, including DNA extraction, endpoint PCR genotyping, and Genotyping by Target Sequencing, to genomic researchers and plant and animal breeders.

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Alltech Serdán in Mexico celebrates 3 decades

Alltech’s research into the benefits of Yucca schidigera extract for animal health, performance and welfare paved the way for the company to establish a Yucca schidigera processor in the city of Serdán 30 years ago. The company celebrated this milestone.

Study proves Inno+ air scrubber as a resource for energy

The Inno+ Triple EEE system was evaluated by the University of Bonn, which investigated the potential of air scrubbers as energy sources. The study confirmed that the Triple EEE system transforms an air scrubber into a powerful energy source, resulting in significant energy savings for pig farmers.

group of grower pig in fattening unit of large commercial swine farm
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ABN investigates soya replacement in pig diets

ABN is conducting trials with 1,000 weaning pigs and 4,000 finishing pigs to investigate soya alternatives of pre-processed pulse and rape blends. The company reports encouraging early performance results while significantly reducing environmental footprints.

DSM-Firmenich announces latest World Mycotoxin Survey (Jan – June) results

DSM-Firmenich’s World Mycotoxin Survey has been released. It identifies mycotoxin risks based on time, animal species and location. Until June 2023, 10,199 samples were collected from 78 countries worldwide.

Photo: Corntech

Corntech upgrades AI pig-weighing camera technology

Corntech, aiming for next-generation AI pig farming, has renewed PIGI to ‘PIGI Pro’. Available in 174 countries and supporting 7 languages, the AI camera application measures the weight of pigs, predicts carcasses and manages shipments.

Zinpro joins the Global Feed LCA Institute

Zinpro has announced its membership in the Global Feed LCA Institute. Terry Ward, global director of sustainability: “Joining forces with GFLI allows us to leverage their unparalleled expertise, specialised resources, and dedicated team of experts, empowering us to further our commitment to sustainability.”

Modelling climate change impacts on agricultural systems

It is believed that more must be done to protect the livelihoods of farmers worldwide during the climate crisis. An emerging area of interest to achieve this are modelling techniques to assess the impact of climate change on agriculture, as well as the efficacy of climate change mitigation measures. A new book published by Burleigh Dodds Science Publishing promises to be the ‘go-to’ reference on this topic.

Photo: Hamlet Protein

Hamlet Protein appoints commercial director

Hamlet Protein has announced the appointment of Simon Martyn as commercial director at the comany’s Denmark headquarters. Martyn (UK) is a graduate of Bicton College of Agriculture and comes with a strong international background and management experience in global companies. He takes over from Jan Kamphof, who recently joined Schothorst Feed Research as their new director.

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