Podcast: Quarter 3 2022 pig updates

Podcast: Quarter 3 2022 pig updates

In this 72nd episode of the Real P3 podcast, Dr Casey Bradley speaks to Pig Progress’ editor, Vincent ter Beek. Together they discuss various topics from the pig sector around the world that occurred in Q3 of 2022.

Eurotier and real-time data

Eurotier is scheduled for 15-18 November in Hannover, Germany. This a big event for the pig and animal farming sectors with 1,700 exhibitors already preparing for the trade fair.

“If there is one show where there are many new innovations being presented it’s Eurotier,” says Beek. Various innovations have been awarded ahead of the event, one of which is Boehringer Ingelheim’s SoundTalks innovation which is a cough monitor that makes use of internet of things and data management. Real-time data is a trend where the industry is going, says Bradley, adding that tech must also be integrated into training and staff must be made to feel a part of the team.


Bradley and Beek swap notes on the labour situation in the US and Europe, in general and specifically for the pig sector, as well as the effects of various “multiple crises that have come at the same time”, including the war in Ukraine, the price of raw materials, the disruption of Covid-19, logistics interruptions, gas prices and the cost of heating, and, of course, African Swine Fever.

Personal health and well-being

Bradley and Beek also look back at some interesting topics covered during previous episodes of the P3 podcast series from boar taint to zinc to biosecurity, and from colostrum to genetics to tech in the swine sector.

The conversation highlighted the importance of looking after your health and continually striving for work-life balance. Beek shared a personal health incident that caused him to prioritise adequate rest, and Bradley emphasised the importance of checking in with others to avoid burnout, or worse.

The episode concludes: “Be the change you want to be in the world!”

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