Podcast: Lance Mulberry on homogenising pig growth

Photo: VIncent ter Beek
Photo: VIncent ter Beek

In this ‘Meet the Expert’ podcast series, global opinion leaders answer practical questions revolving around topics of swine health and management. This episode takes a look at homogenising pig growth with consulting economist Lance Mulberry, based in Missouri in the US.

The ‘Meet the Expert’ podcast series is made possible by Pig Progress in cooperation with Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health.

During this episode, hosts Vincent ter Beek, editor of Pig Progress, speaks to Lance Mulberry, a specialist in bioeconomic modelling. He shares his thoughts and addresses problems related to the pig industry’s tendency to focus on average to evaluate on-farm economic performance. This tendency, he said, ignores variation and suggests that the underlying distribution is a normal. He urges the application of a more precision-based approach.

Meet the (other) experts

In case you missed it, listen to the previous episode when Robert Hoste discussed the latest developments with regard to pig populations in major pig producing countries. The next episode in this podcast series will appear on Monday 5 February and will host Professor Christian Visscher who will discuss Lawsonia and the microbiome.

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