Mexico adds new export and import channels

Pork Mexico
Mexico was the world’s second largest importer of fresh pork, with 917,000 tonnes. Only China imports more. Photo: SIPA USA

Mexico added export and import channels for pork products. It now welcomes fresh pork from Brazil, and added fresh pork export destinations like Ivory Coast and Haiti.

Mexico qualified 6 Brazilian plants to export to its domestic market. Mexico also allows them to ship non-thermally processed pork, according to the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA).

3 additional plants which are already qualified to export to the United States and Canada, will speed up the process to get the same authorisation to Mexico.

Carlos Fávaro, Brazil’s new minister of Agriculture and Livestock, commented, “Mexico consumes around 1.5 million tonnes of pork meat per year, which is an important gain for pig production in our country.”

No restriction on direct trade of pork between Mexico and Brazil

The International Sanitary Certificate (CSI) agreed between the 2 countries applies to the trade of in natura pork meat, entire or in pieces, including Mechanically Separated Meat (MSM) and bacon, with no restriction on direct trade.

The extended authorisation opens up opportunities for many more Brazilian companies and cooperatives. In 2021, Mexico was the world’s second largest importer of fresh pork, with 917,000 tonnes. Only China imports more.

Exports from Kekén to Ivory Coast

Mexico also works on its export opportunities. Kekén, one the most important pig companies in Mexico, has been increasing the number of destinations. Last December, the integrator sent 18 containers of pork to Ivory Coast.

Ricardo González Valdez, Kekén’s export sales manager, pointed out that Kekén wants to expand its international client portfolio.“Part of the objectives for 2023 is to diversify the client portfolio in Africa, to create new products for the countries to which we are already exporting, such as Liberia, Angola and Ivory Coast, and to maintain a stable volume to continue participation in the market.”

Pork exports to Haiti

Kekén also plans to export pork to Haiti this year. That will happen from the company’s facility in the Yucatán region. With the inclusion of Ivory Coast and Haiti as new pork export destinations, Kekén’s portfolio includes 14 countries, including Japan, the US, Canada, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Chile, Liberia, Angola, Cuba, and Vietnam.

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Daniel Azevedo Freelance journalist Brazil