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Photo: Ronald Hissink
Photo: Ronald Hissink

This Pig Health special is a testimony to all the work that is done in the background and behind the scenes in the pig health sector. It covers how AI technology is improving pig health and helping producers catch diseases on time and ensure that the response time is much quicker.

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In this special Prof Eric Cox and Bert Devriendt of Ghent University, in Belgium, will give a comprehensive overview of controlling E.coli infections in weaned piglets.

Plus, ever heard of the pathogen Trueperella abortsuis? A relatively unknown pathogen responsible for abortion in sows. You can find out what it is, when it was discovered and what researchers in Austria further uncovered about it.

IPVS 2024

June will see pig vets travelling from all over Europe and the rest of the world to Leipzig in Germany for a two-in-one event: the 27th International Pig Veterinary Society (IPVS) congress meets the 15th European Symposium for Porcine Health Management (ESPHM).

The location couldn’t be more appropriate for a pig health congress, as Leipzig isn’t too far from where African Swine Fever posed a threat to the local pig and wild boar population, not too long ago. At the time of writing, the situation was under control, with core zones being lifted and infected areas disappearing. The virus will undoubtedly be discussed during the event along with other issues affecting the pig industry. There will be round table discussions, time for poster viewings and lots of interesting talks during the many sessions.

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