Investing in the future

13-06-2022 | Updated on 24-01 | |
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Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

A piglet’s life is never without danger. Newborn piglets are vulnerable to virtually everything, at weaning the digestive system is still in development, and just after weaning, challenges abound like for instance post-weaning diarrhoea and oedema disease.

Several strategies can be implemented to ensure a successful outcome both for the producers and the piglet, be it nutritional, adjusting management processes and even focusing on the sow to ensure every litter has robust and vital piglets. Every approach won’t be without its own challenges however, but the end goal will always be the same. They are the future for every pig producer, without them there would be no finishers and therefore no income for the farm. Actively investing in a piglet right from birth will have its rewards.

Development and further research have no signs of stopping either especially as the ZnO ban is impending. Alternatives to antibiotics such as phages, probiotics and antimicrobial have proven their worth and show future potential.

This special brings all this information together and will look at how betaine and monosodium glutamate effects piglets and lactating sows to why making assumptions in weaning can be costly particularly when it comes to management processes.