Why piglets deserve care

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Vincent ter Beek, editor pig progress
Vincent ter Beek, editor pig progress

Piglets are the future capital of any farm. The young creatures have it all in them to become full value pigs or great replacement gilts. After all, breeding high numbers of healthy piglets ensures a sound future. But it is not that simple.


Ironically, piglets are also the weakest link in a farm. Newborn piglets are vulnerable for virtually everything. Just after birth they have to learn how to drink, how to keep warm, how to keep safe while viruses, bacteria, ever-growing numbers of siblings and their direct environment pose ongoing threats from the first minute that they are alive.

Future capital forming the weakest link – this sounds like a potentially risky situation in which no protection can ever be enough. Sure, many pig farmers all over the world go out of their way to get as many piglets as they can through to weaning. It is, however, for a reason that many researchers and affiliated companies send out dozens of messages how to get that extra piglet to thrive. A little bit more attention here, a little bit more knowledge there, all little bits help.

This special edition of Pig Progress has aimed to bring all this information together. It contains a great mixture of the latest insights about what to do with your future capital, all with the intention to help make this link of each farm becoming a little bit stronger.

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