What was new at SPACE, France?

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A successful show in relatively quiet surroundings – that sums up this year’s edition of SPACE, the annual animal husbandry show in Rennes, France.

No incidents with disgruntled, protesting pig farmers happened around the show which celebrated its 30th edition, as pig exports are currently thriving. Pig prices have been rising in France over the last 3 months and are currently standing at €1.50/kg deadweight, as a consequence of a strong export trade to China.

Which developments and products could be observed?

There were protests though, of a different nature. In this case animal rights supporters were demonstrating with placards and photos. Another sign of the times were the increased security at SPACE, as visitors had to have their bags checked prior to entry. Photo: Stuart Lumb


Unlike many events, SPACE is still held annually. As the number of trade fairs proliferate, many organisers have moved their shows so that they are just held biennially, with finances playing a big role in this decision. If the event keeps attracting visitors and exhibitors and is financially viable, then why change things? Photo: Stuart Lumb

Photo: Stuart Lumb


International companies blend in easily at SPACE, and a great deal of effort is put into attracting overseas visitors. Especially African countries are being targeted. SPACE also has its International Club, where overseas visitors can meet up and discuss business. Photo: Stuart Lumb

Photo: Stuart Lumb

Hall 8 contained many of the pig company exhibitors and Big Dutchman was displaying the Culina milk line and cup system. With the large litters that modern genotypes produce, supplementary milk is beneficial and hence there is a demand for milk cups and lines in farrowing pens, to boost weaning weights and reduce piglet mortality. Photo: Stuart Lumb

Conventional tried and tested farrowing crates featured on many of the equipment company stands. However, a small number of exhibitors had welfare friendly farrowing pens on display. Photo: Stuart Lumb

There were a number of interesting new products which merited awards of varying degrees. Asserva, located in Lamballe, 80 km north west of Rennes, exhibited its Easy-Path system, which gained 3 and 2 star awards. Photo: Stuart Lumb

A map of the pig unit is brought up on a touchscreen device. The unit manager highlights the pen where the pigs are located and also the pen where the pigs need moving to. All gates and doors in the piggery are fitted with rams to enable them to be opened and closed automatically. The unit manager highlights where the pigs are located on the touchscreen and where the pigs should go. The pen gates and doors are automatically opened and all staff have to do is to move the pigs along that specified route. Photo: Stuart Lumb


I-Tek Solutions, based in Tremeur, Brittany, France, and is a well-known building company, with an increasing amount of market share. They gained a 2 star award for their Isotek building. The basis of this concept is that new buildings are all made of steel frames and PVC panels, which can be recycled when the building is deemed out of date and in need of replacement. Photo: I-Tek

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