Vitrition rebrands and launches new website

26-10-2011 | | |
Vitrition rebrands and launches new website

Vitrition, part of Kiotech International, which is the UK’s longest established organic feed company (founded in 1964), has introduced a new logo and launched a new website

 “Our new logo incorporates a performance graph demonstrating our focus on maximising cost-effective and efficient production,” said Vitrition’s Claire Holton. “We recognise the challenges that the organic market is currently presenting to organic producers. So, there has never been a more important time to concentrate on feed conversions and cost-effective, monitored production.”
Last year Vitrition made a significant investment in a new cooler and crumber at its dedicated organic mill in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. The new cooler was introduced to support the mill’s exceptional biosecurity record and to increase capacity to keep pace with the busier mill. The new crumber has enabled Vitrition to offer customers a “crumbed” product for chicks, pullets and layers, supporting excellent feed intakes.
“At Vitrition, we design unique feeding programmes suited to individual farm requirements,” explained Claire Holton. “Our team of organic nutritionists formulate accurately balanced, farm-specific diets to achieve the requirements and targets of individual farms, rather than supplying one diet for all.”