Vetanco welcomes third production plant in Argentina

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Vetanco welcomes third production plant in Argentina
Vetanco welcomes third production plant in Argentina

With pride, Argentinean animal health company Vetanco opened its third plant in the country near Buenos Aires in November last year. The company, active in the pig and poultry industry, is growing and aims to double its exports over the next five years.

By Vincent ter Beek


No effort had been spared to invite dignitaries from all over Argentina to attend the opening of Vetanco’s third industrial plant. Apart from the mayor of General Rodríguez, a city roughly 30 km east of Buenos Aires, a large group of delegates was present on November 5. The country’s minister of agriculture, Norberto Yahuar made an appearance; he was joined by the Argentine vice-president Amado Boudou; Débora Giorgi, minister of industry; and Dr Alicia Margarita Kirchner, minister of social development.

The major attendance emphasises the pride that is taken in the company’s growth. The Argentinean pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Buenos Aires, has been one of the leading forces in the Argentinean livestock and company animal veterinary business since its establisment in 1987. Having diversified its portfolio over the years with feed additives, the company moved across its borders to become a player in the Latin American market and beyond. The company established an office in Chapecó, Santa Catarina state, Brazil, and ambitions go further, however, as only recently, Vetanco entered the Mexican market and registered products in e.g. Turkey, Russia and Azerbaijan.

In the swine business, the company sells products from a diversified portfolio, most prominently injectable antibiotics and organic feed additives. In addition, Vetanco also produces anti-inflammatories, paraciticides and a farrowing induction product. In 2012, the company’s team of over 250 people recorded a turnover of 220 million pesos (€25 million or US$33 million) and had an export worth of US$20 million (€14.7 million) to more than 40 international destinations, most notably Brazil. About 60% of its exports go to countries in the Mercosur area.


New facility

The new facility covers a total area of ​​33,000 m2. The 9,000 m2 plant is dedicated to drug development and additive production. In addition, this facility includes testing laboratories and warehouse space. It also has 3,000 m2 of internal roads and parking spots for internal and external logistics.

The project required a total investment of 32 million pesos (€3.6 million or US$4.8 million). This plant is capable of producing 1,000 tons per month of organic additives, pharmaceutical powders and pesticides for veterinarian use. The warehouse space provides for the movement of 4,000 logistic racks. The new plant requires a staff of 50 people and will generate between 50 and 100 indirect jobs.

Horacio Mancini, Vetanco vice-president, said at the opening: “Through this investment we can better supply the growing domestic and international demand and double our capacity; all while maintaining our original plant production in Villa Martelli, which this year has operated at maximum capacity. In addition we expect to double our exports over the next five years.”

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