Val-Co launches new mixing fan for pig houses

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Val-Co launches new mixing fan for pig houses
Val-Co launches new mixing fan for pig houses

Pennsylvania, US-based housing and equipment company Val-Co recently presented its novel Hemisphere Mixing Fan.

This fan, to be attached to the ceiling of a pig or poultry house, recirculates the air and thus reduces the total temperature difference inside the livestock house. The product uses patent-pending technology.

The innovation, launched in January at the International Production and Processing Expo in Atlanta, GA, USA, is mainly aimed at cool seasons, which can be very cold in central USA. The dramatic shifts in temperature makes it difficult for farmers to maintain consistent temperature and moisture levels in their production houses, which could affect growth rates.

The fan features a large diameter (1.22 m or 1.83 m; 48” or 72” respectively) rotor with radial paddles housed in a steel frame and is mounted to the ceiling of livestock houses. Like all centrifugal fans, the fan draws air from the center of the rotor and propels it outwards. This action draws air from below to provide vertical mixing and distributes the air throughout the house, eliminating cycles of rapid air movement followed by periods of stagnant air. When combined with the optional metered ceiling inlet, the fresh, cool outside air is simultaneously drawn from above and mixed with the warm air near the ceiling before being introduced to the animals inside the buildings, being pigs or poultry.

When used with the optional metered ceiling intake, there is no need for exhaust fans to run at high static pressure because the fan is consistently mixing house air without the need for high velocities at the inlets. Lower static pressure means higher efficiency of operation and greater energy savings.

The process of recirculating air also aids in manure drying.

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