USDA pork purchase gains US pork council approval

14-08-2012 | | |
USDA pork purchase gains US pork council approval

The National Pork Producers Council has released a statement in approval of the US’s announced allocation of US$100 million to purchase pork to assist US farmers.


“The National Pork Producers Council is grateful for USDA’s US$100 million supplemental pork purchase, which will be used for various federal food assistance programs.

“This purchase will help pork producers who are struggling with the effects of this severe drought, which has adversely affected much of the nation’s corn crop.

“In fact, many producers still face the prospect of severe losses because of record-high feed prices, which have gone up because of the drought.

“NPPC will continue to work with USDA to help pork producers through this current crisis.”

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