US: Number of weaned per sow boosted

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US: Number of weaned per sow boosted
US: Number of weaned per sow boosted

Users of Topigs genetics in the USA wean 3.5 piglets more per sow than other pork producers, according to the company.

Topigs users weaned 28.3 piglets per sow per year. The average is 24.8. This outperformance is attributed to the fertility and mothering abilities of the Topigs sow.

These sows not only produce larger litters but also have the maternal capacities to bring those piglets to weaning age without disturbance or extra labour.

According to 2012 SMS benchmarking data, Topigs sows produce litters of 13.11 piglets compared to an industry average of 12.15. With higher piglet survival rates and lower number of dead born, the sows wean more piglets per farrowing.

The advantages go beyond a higher number of piglets – the sows have more litters per year due to a shorter wean-to-first service interval and higher farrowing rate.

Female death loss was only 3.9 % – almost half of the national average.