Ukraine’s largest pork producer faces water shortage

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Ukraine s largest pork producer -  water shortage threat
Ukraine s largest pork producer - water shortage threat

APK-invest, the largest pork producer in Ukraine decided to transfer its production facilities to a self-sustaining water supply.

The company draws practically no water from the municipal pipeline of Krasnoarmeysk, according to a report. Water is transported to the company’s facilities in cisterns by motor vehicles.

“Virtually all residential areas in the Donetsk region are facing acute water shortage because of the complicated situation with water supplies in the region (due to the damage inflicted on the Severskiy Donets – Donbass canal). Local communities have to switch to austerity policies and limited (scheduled) water supply due to substantial reduction in water supply through municipal pipelines,” says the report.

This decision came as a result of the need to lessen the load on the municipal pipeline system and to prevent  environmental collapse. Although the company is suffering losses (it has to purchase water from suppliers in the nearby districts at the rates exceeding the standard prices), it took the plunge voluntarily. APK-invest is famous for its serious approach to the social needs of the region’s residents.

Apart from the self-sustaining water supply, the company optimised its water consumption. Thus, its livestock breeding complexes have reduced their water consumption by 50% by changing the operation mode of the air cooling system in the premises where animals are kept and by transferring livestock to the scheduled supply of drinking water.

Although APK-invest had to change its mode of operation, it shall continue to fulfill its obligations to its partners unfailingly, without any interruptions in its product supplies, and it guarantees that it shall do everything in its power to provide domestic consumers with quality meat products at all times.

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