Ukraine cancels drug residue monitoring in meat animals

06-03-2014 | | |
Ukraine cancels drug residue monitoring in meat animals
Ukraine cancels drug residue monitoring in meat animals

The Ukrainian government has recently cancelled the implementation of a programme targeted at monitoring drug residues and contaminants in meat animals, according to a report from the new Ukraine authorities. The official reason for this is a lack of money, as the country is currently facing a tough economical and political period.

According to the report from the local media Liga, the abandonment of this programme means that from now all testing of meat products for drug residues and contaminants will cease. In this situation, experts warn that the quality of Ukrainian meat may drop, as feed producers from now on may use any type of growth stimulators, antibiotics or any other drugs and nobody will know nothing about that.

Additionally the government abandoned the implementation of another programme for supporting agriculture in rural areas until 2015. The representatives say that in fact both these programmes are not cancelled completely –they are temporarily frozen and with the improvement of the economical situation in the country their implementation may be launched again.

In fact the government said that it had no choice, as the government coffers is empty and until the country receives some support from International Monetary Fund or any other sources, it simply could not find enough money for the implementation of these programmes.

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern Europe correspondent