UK: Shoppers want supermarkets to stock British pork

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UK: Shoppers want supermarkets to stock British pork
UK: Shoppers want supermarkets to stock British pork

A new survey has found the majority of shoppers want supermarkets to sell pork from British farms.

Over 80% say supermarkets should continue to stock high levels of British meat to maintain consumer confidence following the 2013 Horsegate scandal, according to YouGov research released by the National Pig Association. Since August, when Russia imposed an embargo on European Union meat in retaliation for sanctions over Ukraine, there has been a glut of pork on the continent. But British shoppers are keen for supermarkets to stick to their post-Horsegate commitments to stop importing not-so-easily-traced foreign pork, and to major on pork from British pig farms, says NPA. PA chairman Richard Longthorp, who farms in East Yorkshire said: “Consumers have always been loyal to British pig farmers, particularly after Horsegate, but even we have been surprised by this significant vote of confidence in the quality of our pork, bacon, sausages and ham.”

NPA chief executive Dr Zoe Davies said: “The quality and taste of domestic pork and pork products is underpinned by the high welfare methods of British pig farms. This research shows shoppers are in no doubt that supermarket commitments to source more British meat have played an important role in restoring confidence in the meat on supermarket shelves.”

NPA has particular praise for the British pork “hundred-percenters” as identified by the industry’s most recent Porkwatch survey, namely Waitrose, M&S, Budgens, the Co-op, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, and hard discounters Aldi and Lidl.

The YouGov research found:

• 81% of shoppers who buy meat want supermarkets to continue stocking a high level of British meat to maintain consumer confidence.

• 65% believe importing more European pork could increase risk of another Horsegate style scandal.

• Only 19% want more cheaper European pork imports to keep down prices.

Source: NFU

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