UK pork sales up 0.8% in volume in 2011

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Pork sales in the United Kingdom have been up 2.4% in value and 0.8% in volume in 2011.

These positive figures were released by the British Pig Executive (BPEX), in its latest BPEX Quarterly Report. It also included figures of the full 52 weeks ending Dec 25, 2011.

The report, which covers both home-produced and imported, shows, for example, for sausages and bacon, both expenditure and volume are up.

BPEX head of supply chain development Andrew Knowles said: “The report paints a picture of the sales of pork, bacon and ham in figures. It shows the top four retailers are responsible for 72% of all the pork sold in this country. It is an important publication for people in that sector as it gives them the background information they need to read the market.”

The report can be found by clicking this link.

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