UK: Milestone for pork exports

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UK: Milestone for pork exports
UK: Milestone for pork exports

More pork was exported last year than any since 2000, just before the start of the last outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease.

Total exports of pork and pork products hit 256,000 tonnes (product weight), very similar to the level for 2000 with a total value of more than £325 million.

The biggest single market was Greater China (including Hong Kong) which took 57,000 tonnes.

BPEX International manager Peter Hardwick said: “This increase in exports is extremely gratifying and is to a great extent due to the efforts of BPEX, in conjunction with DEFRA, to open new markets especially outside the EU with China being the highlight, although last year also saw a re-invigorated trade with Japan.

“We believe there is considerable scope for this to grow further as we increase the number of approved export plants and hope shortly to reach agreement on the export of pigs trotters which are estimated to represent 40% of the trade to China.

“We are also working on opening other markets across South East Asia as well as Russia.”

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